A 8-inch sub plus a 16-ounce soda for $7

Cherry Hill Carry Out

603 Cherry Hill Road, (410) 354-1250

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We’d heard Yummi Corner, one of the counters in the food court of the Cherry Hill Town Center shopping center (606 Cherry Hill Road), had exceptional Philly cheese steaks, but when we arrived, we found it no longer has a grill. The man behind the counter and his sole patron quickly advised, in tandem: “Across the street, theirs are the best.” So we crossed over to Cherry Hill Carry Out, figuring the barred windows and Plexiglas belied secret delectability. We asked for a Philly cheese steak with everything, but the guy behind the Plexiglas raised his eyebrows and said, “You mean regular cheese steak?” OK, yes, and we were pleased at the price: the 8-inch sub plus a 16-ounce soda for $7. On the theory that cheese steaks are best after resting in their wrapping for a bit, we toted our meal off to Ferry Bar Park, back across the Hanover Street bridge, and sat at the concrete picnic table to watch some guys fish and tend crab pots. We opened our sub to find it overstuffed with chopped-up steak meat soaking in melted yellow cheese, with shredded lettuce dressed with grease and mayonnaise, and a light treatment of hot peppers. The taste: bland, despite the hot peppers. Our fingers got appropriately greasy and our bellies respectably full, but the best part of this lunch was listening to the hip-wading fishermen trash-talk one another. (Van Smith)

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