Small Sur, Marduk, Cloud 9, Ronald Pearl, and more

WEDNESDAY: A Fallen Blue Police Benefit Concert takes over Baltimore Soundstage with Randy Jackson, AJ Pero, Steve Augeri, and more. Tatsuya Nakatani reinvents percussion several times over at the Red Room at Normal’s Books and Records with John Berndt. Don’t miss: Composers Ronald Pearl and Paul Moravec deliver two different takes on Shakespeare’s The Tempest at An die Musik with help from the Atlantic Guitar Quartet and more for another edition of the Evolution Contemporary series.

THURSDAY: Small Sur brings its immersive, plaintive drone-folk to the Metro Gallery with Touch and Dodgers. Ladies and gentleman, Spiritualized is floating in space at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club. Foghound, a quality stoner-rock four-piece with some Baltimore vets in the cast, plays the Sidebar with Orange Horse and Balor’s Eye. Charlottesville country-rock outfit Sons of Bill play the 8X10 with Benny Marchant and the Preservation. June Star goes unplugged at Joe Squared Station North. Chris Lake guests at the latest installment of the Bassdrop party at Baltimore Soundstage with Cloud 9. Baltimore pop-punk unit Dead Mechanical plays Charm City Art Space with Dartagnan, Arms Aloft, and Widows Watch. The Washington Jewish Music Festival takes over the Fillmore Silver Spring with headliner Hadag Nahash. Don’t miss: Tragedy, the all-ruling crust band and not the Bee Gees tribute band of same name, is better than most other things at the Ottobar with Occultist, Wargames, and TRIAC; upstairs at the club, the Kowli Nights techno-plus dance party returns. Pygmy Lush, the closest living descendant of the late great Pg. 99, makes about the best folk translation of super-bleak early screamo you can imagine at the Golden West Cafe with Screaming Females and Big Mouth.

FRIDAY: James Nasty and Antonio Harper’s club-and-more weekly Physical Education takes over the Ottobar’s upstairs bar. Sci-fi hip-hop producer Star Slinger performs at Sonar with the Hood Internet. Tideland, the second Pg. 99 descendant to pass through in as many days, brings its gazey punk to the Golden West with Unfair Roots and Heaviness of the Load. Odenton post-grunge band Enemy at the Gate performs at Rams Head Live. Amanda Otto’s monthly mod bash Reaction! returns to the Sidebar with guests the Stents. Nelly’s Echo brings its funk-groove-rock mix to the 8X10 with Sticky Mulligan. Warren Wolf and Friends, an ensemble indeed led by the Baltimore-based percussionist/vibes player Warren Wolf, perform at An die Musik. Wing Dam brings its way lo-fi bliss-pop/folk to the Windup Space with Curse and Terrestrial Mass. Postrock power-duo the Water plays Joe Squared Station North. Rather undersung new-folk outfit Horse Feathers (undersung at least in these here days of Bon Iver) perform at D.C.’s Black Cat. The M3 Rock Festival opens with the “Kix-Off Party” at Columbia’s Merriweather Post Pavilion with, yes, Kix, Night Ranger, Enuff Z’nuff, and more.

SATURDAY: Proto-nu-metal titan Fear Factory plays Sonar with Shadows Fall and many more. Drag City psych-folk unit P.G. Six plays the Golden West with Sri Aurobindo and ex-Madagascar project Nest. Vinny Vegas finds life and actual creative space in alt-pop at the Metro Gallery with Via Lotus, Storm the Beaches, and the Matrimonials. Boston grind band In the Shit provides the music for the one-year anniversary party of the Sidebar’s regular horror night More Gore. ALO brings “their always-kaleidoscopic funk pop and roll” to the 8X10. Baltimore jazz drummer-of-note Eric Kennedy returns to An die Musik with his quartet. David Lynchfest Baltimore takes over the Windup Space, Baltimore’s most Lynchian venue, with music from the Badalamenti Project, IED-IUD, and Mr. Seaweed. The Machine does Pink Floyd at Baltimore Soundstage. Baltimore’s most-vital queer cabaret the Charm City Kitty Club celebrates a full decade of existence with a program dubbed ApocoLez NOW! at the Creative Alliance. A Ride for the Feast benefit takes over Charm City Art Space with music from Paper Dragons, South Carey, Hey Hon Let’s Go!, and the Skipjack. The M3 Rock Festival is an almost too perfect postcard from a particular era of rock at Merriweather Post Pavilion with Ratt, Queensrche, Skid Row, Warrant, and many, many more. Don’t miss: The fifth annual Boundary Block Party takes over Pennsylvania Avenue and Presstman Street with a, yep, fairly boundary-crossing—boundaries? in Baltimore? crazy, right—lineup of music from Horse Lords, J Pope and Funk Friday, the Todd Marcus Trio, DJ Knight Magic, Expressions of Faith Gospel Choir, and much more.

SUNDAY: Sax player T.K. Blue plays with his fairly self-explanatory band Mostly Monk at An die Musik. Rising (risen?) MC Yo Gotti performs at Baltimore Soundstage. The “Metal Lords’ Day” takes over Merriweather with Rob Zombie, Megadeth, Lacuna Coil, and more. Double-bassist and composer Mario Pavone keeps Creative Differences’ Second Sunday Jazz Series on its winning streak at the Windup Space with an all-star band of Dave Ballou, Eric Kennedy, and John Dierker. Don’t miss: True Widow’s heavy, stoned gazing nicely offsets/balances Secret Mountains’ folk-pop dream at the Golden West with Wild Honey.

MONDAY: Moon Hooch brings its live band sax-and-drum take on house and dubstep to the Ottobar. The soon-to-be-big 1,2,3 brings its ’70s-flavored pop-rock stylings to the Metro Gallery. Dubstep crossover pioneer Rusko is certainly better than a lot of things at Rams Head Live with Sigma. Hear Hums brings its post-Animal Collective drone-pop to the Golden West.

TUESDAY: The Out of Your Head collective returns to the Windup Space for yet another round of improv exploration. The Dig party’s DJ Napspace and Landis Expandis take a much-needed week off. . . kidding! They’ll be at Joe Squared Station North but of course, fulfilling all of your weekly funk/breaks needs. All-female, all-Canadian metal band Kittie performs at Baltimore Soundstage. Psych-folk notables MV and EE play the Golden West. Don’t miss: Baltimore’s Eddie Brock enacts power-violence upon Charm City Art Space with like-minded grind bands D.O.C., Six Brew Bantha, and Amputee and punk-hop from Napalm Def.

WEDNESDAY: Major-label indie-pop band He Is We plays the Ottobar with Deas Vail. Rob Perry’s monthly celebration of alt-Japanese culture Nippon Motion returns to the Sidebar. Singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia mixes up Brazilian bossa nova and americana at An die Musik. Remixologists-of-note the Twelves perform at Baltimore Soundstage. New York’s Secret Music shines some garage sun on the Golden West.

IN THE WINGS: Right on the heels of the Maryland Death Fest, Swedish black-metal giant Marduk comes to Sonar with 1349. (For more information visit or call [410] 783-7888.) Dying Fetus, the resurrected Maryland death-metal great, does awful things to Frederick’s Cafe 611 with Revocation and Strong Intention. (For more information visit Chicago glam mutant Bobby Conn comes to the Golden West May 21. (For more information visit or call [410] 889-8891.)

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