A big thumbs up, this spot is a winner

OutTakes Cafe

1800 N. Charles St., (443) 835-3535, facebook.com/outtakescafe

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OK, so avocado isn’t exactly Greek, but Keith over at OutTakes Cafe was kind enough to substitute it for chicken so we could try the cucumber sauce and still be vegetarian. The Greek wrap ($6), along with all the others, is ginormous—12 packed inches—and comes with said cucumber sauce, feta cheese (“How much do you want?” Keith asked), lettuce, and tomato. A barbecued chicken wrap ($6, consumed by a carnivore friend) came with juicy chicken in a sweet but tangy sauce on a bed of butter lettuce; both wraps received big thumbs up, especially because of the use of an actual wrap, not just the usual flour tortilla, plus the bag of Utz chips thrown in. (Dirty and Miss Vickie’s brand chips are available for extra.) Two large milkshakes ($5.50 each), made with Hershey’s ice cream, were thick and creamy. Our order took a bit long to make, but while we waited, Keith turned up the volume when he noticed our eyes glued to the History Channel special on particle physics and string theory (bonus nerd points). Plus he gave us two free, fresh brownies. Winner.

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