Who doesn't love a wee-nee?

Jerry D’s Seafood

7804 Harford Road, (410) 668-1299

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Apparently seafood is actually Jerry D’s thing, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that (or the name Jerry D) if you’re driving by, thanks to the lack of a business sign on the nondescript Parkville-verging storefront. But a prominent menu board advertises Jerry D’s extensive selection of “Wee-Nees,” and who doesn’t love a wee-nee? A straight-up Jerry dog ($1.99) with mustard (hold the onion) delivered 12 inches of Berk’s frank with a nice grill singe. The chili in the foot-long chili dog ($2.49) featured beans—does that happen a lot, or do we need to get out more?—and the grilled onions slathered over the top bore a nice sweetness. It was a mess to eat, but it’s a chilli dog. The veal dog ($3.99) presented a short, stout weisswurst (pale inside, grill-browned beyond recognition outside) on a whole-wheat (!) hotdog bun with tiger sauce. It was a curiosity, for sure, as was Jerry’s in general. Not bad, but serious wee-nee needs may be met better elsewhere.

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