Our annual reader valentines












Bethany HendersonYou are the best anyone could ask for; I'm glad I asked first. I can't wait to spend many more years with you!

Justin HendersonKenny aka MoeTo my sweetheart… I meet love, when I meet you eighteen months ago Kenny in Savannah, GA. After, that day in August every second is impossible to spend without you. I LOVE YOU with all of my being. Happy Valentine’s Day!

CynthiamollieThank you for being the most caring, wonderful, intelligent, and goofy human being. I still haven't figured out exactly why you like me, but I'm glad whatever the reason is it's been enough to have kept you around for the past three years. Thank you for letting me grow in my own way, thank you for always forgiving me when I say dumb things, thank you for all of your good advice, thank you for keeping me warm since I have really bad circulation and baltimore winters suck, thank you for being a beautiful human.

love, elle

elleJon FreedlanderI love you, you poop!

Ann TaborMama (Laura)We love you and think you are a great mom and wife!!!

Mike, Binx, and D.AppleI always wonder if you look for your valentine in here. I love the family we are building and we are lucky to have eachother in this crazy shitballs world. However, I miss us, pre-kids us...having our own time together. May this be the year we find eachother again.

Orangemary tullywishing you bundles of love to be found in special hidden places along your journey. we are truly dazzled by how you let your love-light shine...

thebugclubDerek BoydHappy Valentine's Day My Boo!
I love you!

Tay-Tay DorrillDan-I would not take back a single moment of my life because all those moments have added up to me being with you. Thank you for being the love and support I've always searched for. You're absolutely perfect for me and now you're stuck with me. MWAHAHAHA! See in bed tonight sugar dumpling.

XOXOX -KatyIan, Oliver, Owen & Big SnailHappy Valentine's Day, pets!

ChristineGovernor Martin O'MalleyTo the hunkiest governor I could ever ask for, Happy Valentine's Day.

ChristineAaronHappy Valentine's Day, darling! You make me happy and I love you very much. If I’m already on the other side of the country when you see this, just know that I miss you terribly. The next time I see you will be celebrated with tons of hugs, kissies, and excited wiggly thumb hand holding. If I haven’t left yet, well then...get your shoes ready because Blitz and Skull Crusher are going for a BIKE RIDE!!! Woop woop! Love you :)

CarlaTayvonWe have been together for 13years and I still love u the same! I love u with all my heart! We have had our share of problems but that comes with every relationship its just making us stronger! You are my best friend the only person I can confide in and you don't judge me! Through thick and thin we always have each other backs! I love u Tayvon! I plan on spending the rest of my life with u! Dollbaby!

DollbabyJerry L. TaylorHAPPY VALENTINES

YOUR WONDERFUL WIFE LINDA TAYLOR.Michelle IngrodiYou like to help out whenever you can,
You're always willing to lend an ear or a hand.

You save lots of lives, so furry and cute,
And our times at the bar are always a hoot!

You like to take shots of jager and redbull,
and you're not afraid to call someone an a$$hole.

I know this poem rhymes, and it's not very good,
But I wanted my appreciation for you understood.

I'm so lucky to have you as my sister,
Now all we have to work on is finding you a mister!

Happy Valentines Day!
Love ya, Banana

ShannaCharlie VanCourtBabe I am so excited to be marrying you this year! You've been my best friend, a person I can be silly or serious with, and the one who always loves me no matter how mean I get! I love you so much, and can't wait to be your MRS!
Love, Shanna

ShannaAmy ReidMew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew, mew mew mew!

ChuckScottI adore you and am so glad you're my sweetheart. Our first Valentine's Day together was the day you won me over, if there were any doubts in my mind about us. Je t'aime toujours.

LaurenSariHappy Valentine's Day to the best wife and mommy! We love you!

Brad, Jordan, and BryceJustin FordThank you for being my best friend and an amazing boyfriend. You always have my back and know how to make me smile- even when I'm in one of my moods :). I love you and I look forward to watching you grow old! <3

Jennifer PiechockiDaddy DanWe all loved you the moment we laid our greedy beady animal eyes on you. It's our animal instinct, I guess, to hone in on the good ones and we scored big time with you. Big time.

I know you dreamed of your new place as the go-to bachelor pad of Canton. Yet, with us in the picture, it now smells of cat shit and covers any remote passerby immediately in a thick layer of dog hair. It's all pretty romantic.

P.S. If things don't work out with you and the old lady, can we still have you?

Love always and forever, Rusty, Raja and Huxley xoxoxoBaby my babe, a.k.a "man candy"Our start wasn't one for storybooks or fairy tales.
Does that really matter?

The middle is juicy and all I ever dreamed of.
Like your sausage on Spaghetti Sunday.

I drift off to sleep with stories from your lips and wake up with all I'll ever need by my side.

Your love forever, xoxoxoMy Darling DThe finish line is almost here! Can't wait to have you back from school -- and for the rest of our lives. I'm so lucky to be with you!


CHEF WITH ALL MY HEART AND LOVEMy Profiles LadiesRoses are red.
Violets are blue.
I smile each day
because I have you!

Amy BFCharles BallCharles,you know I LOVE YOU.tHIS IS OUR FIRST valentines TOGETHER LETS MAKE our BEST

TRACI STARRDSDear delightful husband,

I am so looking forward to our coming year together, and to meeting Zoot! Maybe we'll finish watching the second season of the Wire before he arrives.

I love you, and hope you love me, too.

WifeyShoshI think the honeymoon's over. But I love you anyway. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!

AngieMy Snicker BugYou know we don't do anniversaries. We do renewals. And I just want to pause here for a moment, in advance of this year's renewal to tell you that I'm more in love with you than ever and the best part is: I know more about love than ever and that's because of you. Thank you always for your patience, and your guidance. You are the most amazing person I have ever known and the more I get to know you, the more I want to. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I hope to always be your little bird.

Mala PticaLisa F.L., you're lovely, thoughtful, warm, and always considerate; you know your Blue's Clues and your ed Reed. In short, you make my Baltimore go 'round, and I love you for it.

KerrDR BABETo : My lover, my sweetness, my sunshine, my bookie... my foot warmer, my brainstormer, my shoulder, my cookie... My assistant, my snuggle bunny, my motivator till no end, my bestest and greatest, my wifey, my friend... My darling, my dear, my sexy with swag... my sweet pea, my partner, my "what do you have in the bag"... My surpriser, my reviver, my dictionary, my nerd... my adventure seeker, my teacher, my lover of words. My girlfriend, my girlfriend my words can't express the love I have for you, there is no contest. I love you, in love with you, like a kitty loves yarn, how much? how much?...to infinity and beyond!

BoogaHandsome babes,My world is so much better because you're in it. XOXO

 sherry scales-legginsall my love for all the times, happy 3rd anniversary my love.

 my love sherryu r everything in my world that is beautiful
happy valentines day. i will love u forever.
lyneaya leggins

 Charlie and KendallMommy loves you two so much! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and how much love you both carry in your hearts. Happy Valentine's Day babies!

Mommy CJulia DachnerLove you so much dear. It's been a great 2 years and I cannot wait for many more. Love you!

Joe SterneCMI'm not one much for romance
My sense of humor is absurd
You'd be up for canonization
If people knew one tenth what you've endured
I'm prone to melodrama
When my blood sugar drops
I hope you don't mind- I borrowed
Your car, your phone, your socks
I still can't remember
How you got your scars
I forget our anniversary
We don't talk for hours
I sing off key- until you join in
And I know you'd do it all over again


I love you more
than a dog loves his bone,
more than Poe loved drinking,
more than Hawking loves thinking,
more than you've ever known.

I need you more
than water needs a bucket,
than Luke needs the force,
more than any habit of leisure,
more than the tip of a pencil needs eraser.

I want you more
than that dark chocolate cupcake,
more than a winning lotto ticket,
in more ways, and more every day.

I’m thankful for
Your love and respect.
The fact you love doing laundry,
Your compassion astounds me,
And I do love you more.
More than myself.
More than anything.

MicheleKennyBaby I love you so very much.
I don't know what I would've done without you.
You brighten my day when my skies are blue.
You know how to make me smile when I am feeling blue.
I love you with my heart.
We are together forever.
People will hate on us because they want to be us.
They want to know how we are making it this long?
They just want what we have?
We have a strong love bond that can't be broken. Haters will try but they wont succeed.

We are each others back bone.


Your Wife VickieHoney Bee!!!nothing worth anything is easy! I'd like to take the rough road with you for the rest of our days...

muffin!ZAGI look forward to watching the world end, w/ you.

"Love is love, Love.

We Are Rebels.

R.H.I.N.O.MorganI love you so much. I am the luckiest man in the world, knowing I get to spend every day with my best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world. These last couple of years have been wonderful and I look forward to many more!

JJStephen Merritt's WidowThe touch of your paw
The length of your nose
Lord knows what I saw
at the XX show

Janelle Monae
and TuNeYaRdS and Givers,
Beach House and Sleigh Bells
and Vampire Weekend

Were you Guided By Voices
or Stephen's Magnetic Fields
Matters not to me
But to only what's real


Little LunchableKeith BroadwaterI love you more then you know! I cant wait to be your wife this year! Happy Valentines Day baby! xxooxxoo

your bride to be, PamelaMinu PoissDear Pal,
You are the only dude, the boombox of my heart, the guy man of my adventures and the one that's worth fake marrying. Let's keep humping till 36 and then renegotiate.
Big Love!

M DawgFernandoMoney is called Loot
You don't like the flute
It's almost 14 years
And weren't we so cute

Love JoanneThe Sidebar (tavern) FamilyTo all my Sidebar family..
Thanks for the MANY heart-on's you've given me

Happy V-D

Love JoanneBunnyI'm sorry I have been such a grumpy bastard lately. You know I love you and our pixie more than anything in this world.

WizzleThe Taurus With the Monkey TattooYou taught me a lot about love. My love for you is unconditional. Letting go taught me this and although this transition is hard, I find peace in knowing that we care enough to let each other grow into the people we want to become and go after the things that we want. I know you will take on your new endeavors with passion and strength ... like a demon in the niiiiiiight.

Flabbadoo Forever.

The Scorpio Who Learned to Surrender  

Leo- I love you so much! You are a Godsend in my life. Youmake me so very happy. I hope I can always be a part of your life. - PaulaDan J.Happy Valentines Day Baby! I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. You are such an amazing man and I am such a lucky girl to have you in my life.
Love Always,

Deana HStephen AugustyniakHappy Valentines Day honey!! So glad to have you in my life!! I love you with all my heart!!

Your wifey (Julie Augustyniak)@ThBaltimoreChop"She put a bag on my head; I think she might have been a racist." Yours truly, The Lonely Island

@StabbyCerberusmiriam balakhaniI love you baby! Thanks for the good times & putting up with myy crazy butt!


 Emily A ("Mackenzie")Happy Valentine's Day honey!! We love you!!

~Love, Dad & JulieDaveI'm so happy I have you in my life. You're a fun, sweet, loving man and your smile makes my day. Happy Valentine's Day, Luv U!

"FVA"Dearest GYour sweet, hot, and I am a way lucky fellow.

Happy Valentine Day! Love, your lucky Husband T.

ps. The kittens said Happy Valentine Day too!

TonyMy CKBaby,
This past year has by far been the most monumental, crazy, and best year of my life. Your support in my coming out to my family and moving to Baltimore was what got me through every day.
I love our life here together. I love waking up next to you, laughing with you, taking care of the dogs with you, cooking for you, and loving you.
I have no idea what the future will bring us but I promise to love you for the rest of my life and never to take you for granted. I also know that if we continue to laugh we can get through anything.
Thank you for the laughter, the joy, the amazing possible future that I get to imagine, and the good good lovin!

Happy Valentine's Day Boo!

I love you infinity m & m

SugarplumGolden WestRoses are red
Tequila is clear
No more Vodka for me
Cause I got my new drink, right here

Happy Heart-on Day

JoanneElliottCome home and do some puzzling with me. Don't forget the ice cream. I love you.

BrittZoofaceI know I only moved out a couple of days ago, but it already feels like forever. I just took all of my clothes out of my trunk and I think I need you to take back the eggs, bacon, and pizza. I think you are the seafood potpie of boyfriends and I enjoy looking at your face. I think about you before I fall asleep at night, and only sometimes in a creepy way. I only miss you on days that end in "ee" and you are the worst at Homerun game app and BrockBreaker. I love you! Publicly and in private. <3

MoonsoupAKA romantical type verse for the best skinny white rapper I know:

Without you, AK
I'm like a shoe without laces
a nerd without braces
a map without places
like Aces without Bases.
My love grows like wildflowers
enough to fill a shit-ton of vases
if loving you is a disease
then I caught the worst of all cases.

See, I used to think that love was just a word that you said
like a red paper heart
plus some good times in bed
but if everything that's worth having
is worth working for
put me in your galley of love, baby
and I'll row every oar

'til we reach shore on some island
that's deserted and small
and I'll tell you the secret
I've kept longest of all
It's that I've actually loved you since the moment we met
Not a red paper heart love,
not a slow dance cassette

it's the kind that has honor
is abiding and constant
dependable, beautiful
and to drama, absonant.
You're the one that I've wanted
since I've known how to want.
Thank you for being.
you're my true love's savant.

with so much nerd love from
your girl


FussyFunniest, sweetest, sexiest, hunkiest chunk of chocolate ever, QUANTE!"It's all about our love/so shall it be forever/never ending..."
Let's keep watching our dreams come true. Happy Valentine's Day, Q!


HUSBANDKatie JonesI love you babe, and I wish you weren't in Iowa for Valentines day. If you were here, I would take you out to applebees, and actually pay! I can't wait til you get out of college and I can try to get a house with you, and perhaps spend a long time together, because you're a good person. I hope our days fly by, so we can see each other once more. I love you and I want you to be mines forever!

StacyJasonAimez-vous l'année 3
Trois ans, toujours aussi fort. Je t'aime plus que jamais! Vous n'arrivez toujours pas à croire qu'il a été, depuis la septième année. Puissions-nous vivre et aimer une togehter longue vie heureuse pour toujours. Je t'aime Jason.
vous êtes étonnants
lklk, toujours

FrenchieLionbearYou are a sweet & snuggly paragon of virtue and strength, and I love you most of all. I loved you from the very moment I saw those hungry blue eyes, and I hope that you and I will always be so astounded by the beauty of what we have. I love that when you look at me, there is no end of warmth in your handsome face, and I can't wait to smooch it a thousand and a half times over again. You are the one.

Rae of SunshineTuttleI could not have asked for a better group of Golden Girls to be a part of my life. Through the adventures I've learned that love between friends can be just as strong as the love between family. Tuttle, thank you for being a friend.

Kim Jong-Erikatomi love you like thor loves mjölnir. <3

kateGinaIt has been a difficult year for you. A long year since last Valentine's! But on the bright side, we did make our trips to Atlantic City and New York City. We also visited Kent Island where we enjoyed the hot tub and took some of our sexiest pictures! And I'm convinced the Ravens would have made the Super Bowl if we hadn't missed a few half-time love-making sessions!
Let's hope that things improve for you this year. Remember, I'm your Valentine and will be there for you.
After all, we have a cooking show to do, a trip to Florida, and you owe me a massage for my birthday!
I love you my sexy baby!
Happy Valentine's Day!

TonyMichaelWe've Been together seven years now. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you with all my heart.

DennisDear Tony,Who would have thought that one year ago we would have seen and experienced what we have this year. I wouldn’t wish the journey on anyone but I’m glad you were there for the ride. Thank you for your support!
Love you,

GinaDear T., 

Love you, G.My Wife KellyThanks for making the Luckiest & Happiest Man on Earth! It's so awesome having you as my mate & best friend. Luna & Anya are just icing on the cake!
Love You Baby!

your lucky hubby - DavePatty Suzan WestThanks for all the times we spend finding new places to eat and exploring new cuisines. I am thankful for all the support you have given to me over the years and hope I have done the same for you!

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Michael BruzdzinskiCatherine Marie BruzdzinskiJust wanted to wish my youngest daughter a Happy Valentine's Day!

I miss your smile!

Hugs and Kisses,

DadRebecca Galadriel BruzdzinskiI just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope that yoru days in college at Notre Dame in Maryland give you the opportunity to grow in knowledge and spirit. Make the most of your college years!

Hugs and kisses and best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!

DadPro-Abortion PhantomWhen you told me you weren't prochoice, I paused. Then you followed it up with 'I'm Pro-Abortion'and I knew it was love.

Wayward FeministArdisonTo the one person that totally gets me and puts up with me, Happy V-Day. I love you through smashed cars, cat scratches, crazy families, fun time dinner and drinks, gardening, and long political discussions. Cheers to a zillion more years! Much love, Ardison.

ToyotaPuppyWhat a wonderful three years of submission you have given. Your playfulness is a marvellous quality and one I cherish. How you make me laugh sometimes.

Your Valentine,

McDThe Girl in the Crowd With the Everywhere Hair; Cologne, Germany, 2009I want to learn how to talk backwards so that I can take every “I love you” I ever gave to someone else back. I want to fill your apartment with hundreds of balloons full of with laughing gas because I know it’d make all the pain go away if I could just get a rise out of you. I guess it was the way you broke your graffiti cap way off on top of that hair – that hayseed, everywhere hair – or the way you cupped your mouth as you sang along, or maybe it was the fact that I was drunk on lonely and you were the prettiest 23 seconds of my day, but something had me thinking:

“Man, if her hips were selling God, I’d grab my wallet and find a church.”

Silly Poem BoyCaraThank you for being Carazy! <3

MPJ. MizakWe make a great team.

R. FauberMeatcatI love you so much! So glad I picked you up off the side of the road.

CJenYou're the greatest valentine ever! I love the way you walk, I love the way you talk, and I love the way you raise our little girl. Love forever.


 JoeYou and I were both dumped on Valentine's Day last year and we didn't know each other. I'm so grateful for that painful day because it brought us both together. I never knew love could feel like this. Happy 1st Valentine's Day. I love you.

AlexMy babe, PellIts almost comin to 5yrs for us & I grow to love u more & more each day! U complete me in so many ways, Im happier than I've ever been. I want this Valentine's Day to be extra special for us both cuz we been thru alot 2gether! I Love You more than words could explain & u hold that secret key to my heart!! I Love u Daddy

Your Booka, PatG. G.Happy Valentines Day My Love! Thank you for all that you do. I love you dearly!

Your Boo!steve goodmanmy love,
you are my light, my rock, my best friend.
happy 10 year anniversary!
you have my whole heart.

annieNoelGoodnight Puss. I told you I'd always love you. I always did, I always will. -Michael

 Sexy Pants #1I am so lucky to have you in my life. I'd be lost without you, and very smelly. I love you sweetheart!

BelarusDavid, Derek, Jeff, John, and LeeMy life changed and we haven't been able to share hot & sweaty fun lately, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

BigBullBallzScott Fergus ConroyI heart you even more this Valentine's Day. I wasn't that into you last year.

Lola Weinstock@CityThatBreedsWill you marry me? Yours truly, @NattyBohs.

@StabbyCerberusShawntia D.H.My love,
I love you so much. You are the best thing in my life. You are my everything. My life would be incomplete without you in it. I cant wait to be yours forever.

DDI love you, pickles. I am so happy to have found you. Someone with whom to have shots on a work night, someone with whom to spend each of our paychecks on oysters in one night, someone whose collection of ugly toys and taxidermy blends right into my own collection of creepy religious items and scratch n sniff stickers. You are my life partner in crime, and I’m keeping you.

KCERaven AshtonWho knew life could be this great! Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful girlfriend who has taken me on the best ride of my life. I love you for who you are, what you are, how you are, and for just being YOU! You are truly someone special and I thank you for BEING MY ONE AND ONLY VALENTINE!

Dion CartwrightWhipped Cream VodkaI would never have put you in the dryer.
Those are all lies.
Who, then, would fill the void between my glass and my lemonade?
No one, that's who.
Please come back. Beer is making me fat.

Lost without youScott R.Dear Scott,
While most people our age look down on meeting on the internet I'm glad you have no shame and found me on there. You're my soul mate, and you should be able to tell that from the amount of love I put into your pancakes (I always give you the biggest one). Even though you refuse to spell "you're" correctly, and I am an English major, I know that we are the best team the world has ever seen. I'm pretty sure all my friends have crushes on you too. I will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, starting with your groupon to go race stock cars. I hope we can grow old and make mixed berry smoothies together until we are too geriatric to run a blender.Please lets combine DNA, because people this hot should really procreate. Your music taste is not beyond reproach, but your taste in women is impeccable. Here's to the beginnning of the rest of our lives! Hope you're not too embarrased about me putting this in the City Paper.
I love you with all my heart,


I love you with all my heart.

HuongVic and Eddie BSending my love out to the best son ever, Victor Rallis Gerald Marks Jenkins and to my other half Eddie B. You both have made my life a happier and less chaotic place.

Stephanie MarksMy AwesomeI carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)...
Happy Valentine's Day Love!
All My Heart

Lie-LieDonnyI will be the luckiest girl in the world if I get to eat your cooking the rest of my life.


NO MATTER WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY.Deaven WI was never the girl that dreamed about her wedding day and then this funny country boy came into my life.Saying yes to you was the greatest decision I've ever made and I'm looking forward to a lifetime together with you.

Spuv u

Sherrie WMelanieWow, baby. We got married and then everything went to hell. I wish so many things didn't happen. I wish we both could do so many things differently. We've been through so much pain together.

And despite it all, against all odds, we're still fighting. Fuck, we're tough. I thought I was losing my best friend. I thought I was losing it all. But the love we have for each other makes us so strong, stronger than I ever thought imaginable. What we have for each other is an intensity that is much more than love, and it's proven every day in the truth that we continue to fight and feel for each other.

Let us remember that regrets are only good for reminding yourself what you will never do again. When you know what you will never do again, regret turns into wisdom.

There's been so much talk about the world ending this year in some sort of absurd apocalyptic event. As long as your hand is firmly within my own and I can indulge one last time in the fascination of the fragrance of you, then I say bring on the comets.

There could never be another and I remain hopelessly devoted. Until the end of time, my darling.

RobW.J.I may say that only three times in my life have I met a genius and each time a bell within me rang and I was not mistaken, and I may say in each case it was before there was any general recognition of the quality of genius in them. In no one of the three cases have I been mistaken. In this way my new full life began.

GertyE. J.Happy Valentines Day to my dear mother! Thank you for all of your sacrifices you made for me, I love you!

Your only child!New Bear, BootsHey, New Bear, I made u a Snuffybear 4 V-day

Old BearAlbertYou are the greatest boyfriend in the whole world. You are sexy, smart, handsome, you have the most gorgeous eyes and I love you more every day. Its been a year and I'm still surprised by your kindness, sweet nature and incredibly dark and hilarious sense of humor. I never imagined anybody could make me so happy and I have great hope for our future together. I love you and our kitties so much!

Your devoted girlfriend, ChristinaEvI miss you way too much sweetness!!!!!! I'm trekking to visit NYC soon!!! seriously

DeeJennifer AYou broke my heart. You cunt.

The guy who paid your bills and cleaned your apartment for six years!@Locutus10Dear @Locutus10: Resistance is futile.

@stabbycerberusPatriceI will never forget the day that we met. You were coordinating your friend's wedding and I was a wedding crasher just trying to blend in. I saw your smile and I knew that you were the one for me. Eventhough we have not been together for very long, it feels like forever and I wouldn't want to spend my forever with anyone else but you. I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S.- You're such an upgrade from the other one.

SteveMeggie,So, Bubba and I have been debating about which one of us loves you more.

Bubba keeps saying, "Woof, ruff, ruff, snort, woof."

And I acknowledge the fact that he makes a good point; he has known you longer and tends to handle you better when you are in a bad mood.

However, I simply remind him that I am the one with the ring on his finger and I am the one who made the vows.

To which Bubba responds by farting, rolling over on his back and insisting that I pet his stomach.

Long story short, we are in a deadlock.

So, in the spirit of compromise, we have agreed to both love you as much as we can. You're the best. Hopes for a Valentine's Day as beautiful as you are and ALL OUR LOVE.

Monkey and BubbaMy MichaelThank you for loving me. There's not a day that goes by that I don't love you, need you, and want you. Remember Rule #1 - nothing has changed except that my love for you has deepened. Happy Valentine's Day, my Love.

SondreEmily A ("Mackenzie")Happy Valentine's Day honey!! We love you!!

~Love, Dad & JulieMy best friend, lover and favoritest city cop, MatHappy Valentine's & Birthday day! Don't expect any extra gifts though my love should be more than enough :) I love you and can't wait to be your wife this June. Hearts, kisses and love making <3

TierraDutchieThanks for always letting me be little spoon

SnugglesMarryI've loved you since the day we met. For five long years I watched our relationship flourish, gaining strength and momentum, through good times and bad; strength that would be needed to carry it to the next level. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, last October you walked down the aisle to meet me at the other end, making me the happiest man in the world. I look forward to a long life of mutual growth and sound commitment. My heart is yours. Take care of it, love.

FelipeNicole ElizabethWherever you are my love will find you...

Lauren NicoleCJ BURNEYYou're my MAN, my mighty KING,
And I'm the JEWEL in your crown,
You're the sun so hot and bright,
I'm your light-rays shining down,

You're the sky so vast and blue,
And I'm the white clouds in your chest,
I'm a river clean and pure,
Who in your ocean finds her rest,

You're the mountain huge and high,
I'm the valley green and wide,
You're the body firm and strong,
And I'm a rib bone on your side,

You're an eagle flying high,
I'm your feathers light and brown,
You're my MAN, my KING of KINGS,
And I'm the JEWEL in your crown.


INGERBaltimore CityRemember when we were the City that Reads...then The Greatest City in America. Such good times...now, I'm not sure where we stand or what happen...I still love you and want us to go back to the old us. I miss us! Love, Ru

Reuel BeltLAHere is to another year of LOVE. Looking forward to the next :) Happy Valentine's Day My Scuzzy xoxo

JRENEE:IluvlucyHappy Valentines Day, All MY Love 4EVER!!!!

Kevinbunny boy 

;)my baby baby booim so happy you are in my world. you've brought me energy and colour, as well as inspired it from within.

i love you so much.




TEONYA "MISS KEEP HER QUESSIN" LEWISJPIHappy Valentines Day to my soulmate..You will always be my best friend and confidant.I will love you forever.

SJHThe Captain of Indian Summer,I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. -Anais Nin

Thank You.

Dev MaryRileyHappy Valentines Day to the sexiest most handsome Irish Man in MY world.The last 11 months have been very different and amazing.You truely are one of a kind.

Luv SueChris SmithHappy Valentine's Day to my boo love u always

Janell SmithJimisHappy Valentine's Day My Love!!

Love Always, Fudders<3DAJ<3woow all i can say is its been a wild ride! i love you baby n cant wait to say i do to you n spend the rest of our lives in pure bliss! I LOVE YOU DADDI!!

LOVE ALWAYS YOUR BOOKIE {KSMJ}K BernYou are my honey badger, and a baby turtle.
love, your husband,

A BernCrystal LaurenBaby I love you sooo much, you do so much for me and mean so much too me, I know I don't always show you that I appreciate you like I should, but I do, you help make life so easy, you complete me you are my missing puzzle pieces, I can't wait to wake up to you for the rest of my life, your love motivates me, your smile comforts me, your presence enhances me, I thank God he sent you my way.

Terrell JohnsonBig DaddyI love you! Three years and I am happier everyday. Thank you.

La chele gringaSweetsYou know I never planned for this to happen so quickly but it did. And I'm glad because you make me so happy. You let me see all the things I was missing before and just how happy I am now. I know our future together is going to be one of the greatest stories ever told. My heart is yours on our journey.

I love you!

Wet WorksPariahMy beloved Pariah, I thought you should see your name in lights for Valentine's Day. I'm so happy to be engaged. May this year be a success for us! I love you.

Medic Dear Phil,
You make me dizzy, daily and you smell nice too.

 The DocumentistYou inspire and challenge me on a daily basis, and I adore you for it.

I know for a fact that your natural talent, when combined with the hard work, preparation, networking, and gear collecting you've been doing, will result in great things.

I can't wait to be able to say, "I knew you when."

The Girl With More FrillsTheresa DavisHappy Valentine's Day.

I am very happy with you and you continually impress me. I love you and let's keep this going strong.

Rob WatkinsDominicHappy Valentine's Day to my favorite drummer!
Love always,

LisaMayhemThanks for making my life so exciting. I'm very lucky to have such a beautiful and interesting girl. I love you more and more each day.

TotesH-BombLove you buddy! 2012 is going to be the best year yet!

Grateful GoonerRhondaEach and every day,
The pinnacle of my life,
Spent with you and yours.

Rhonda Rhondasan franciscoi never thought that phone calls from far away would turn into this. i'm so in love with you — 2900 miles be damned.

baltimoreThe Florida BoyLift latches
burn matches
and cross state lines,
with me.

Love without the TOO, The Baltimore GirlL'OrealQuite simply...this has been the best year of my life. The long distance has made it challenging, but being with you has made it memorable. From our journey through this country's great museums to our video chat dates on Skype, I've loved every minute of it. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. I can't wait to see what our future holds!

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you babe!

JeffTomCatI always write you one of these because well, you deserve them. Love you and miss you from the other side of the country.

CaitlinJohnnycakes SantoroThank you for giving me the handsomest little man in all of the United States and being such a great father and husband. Love you my valentine forever <3

Your Lovely Wife and Baby MamaCoreyTo my Honey Boo-Boo Child! A dollar may make me holla...but you are the go-go juice that makes me laughy and playey...I can't imagine my life without you!!! Love you for the superstar that you are! Happy Valentines from your pageant queen!!!

JofasiahBrianI don't even know how we get into half the bonkers things we do, but I'm so happy to have you as my partner in craziness. I love you. <4

MelissaJohnI love you!!

ShellFrenchieJe t'aime. Toujours.

BunnyC-RexJust the thought of you can drive me wild... 3 and counting. ILY

CrackerJackSteve B.Happy Valentine's Day Babe!! We made it another another year. I want to make this one much better then last years. Love you and am so glad to have you in my life.

StephAshley & EmmaHappy Valentines Day to my two favorite girls. I Love You Both With All My Heart.

JordonKT73 million!

RickypediaA Very Special Mr.Shane Heberlethis is a little something i thought i should do for my heart&soul shane we have been together for 4yrs.And it hasnt all been easy but in the end all has worked out for us in the very best ways.i want you to know that i love you more then you will ever know.Yuo have stuck by my side even when everyone else seemed to turn they're backs on me.So always know that i will always be here for you no matter how hard things may get you have me to hold your hand through out all of it.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY XOXO


MIKE AND IKEAllen CarrHoney even though we are apart for now one day we will be together for eternity


FOR EVER AND A DAYQueen Darnice of Dressage CourtWe have been through the fire this past year. As a result, we both sought refuge behind emotional walls created by too many "WOW" moments. What degree burn is heartbreak and disappointment? Perhaps when the smoke clears you will again see the person who once made your eyes light up and your dimples dimp. I still search through the debris for the woman who once completed me and made my heart flutter. I catch fleeting glimpses of her at times. In my heart you are my SHE. I still want to be the one to hide your teeth when you're 90! I pray the fire didn't destroy what we were in the process of establishing and we can begin anew. "Thru the fire to the limit to the wall"

Your Knight In Shining Armor (still)Dearest GYou're sweet, hot, and I am a way lucky fellow.

Happy Valentine Day! Love, your lucky Husband T.

ps. The kittens said Happy Valentine Day too!

TonyKSMy love, my soon-to-be wife. You are my everything and I wake up every morning; see you and smile. Because of you my day is great and my mornings are worth it. Coming home to you make the rough days better and the good days great.

We are going to spend the rest of our lives together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

JBMy Baby Boy John SlemakerWe have made it through so much together.We have become stronger as a couple,a family and now that we are married we can sit back take it all in and begin.I love you with all that I am.
Love Your Baby Girl,

Your Baby Girl,

 Jon KmetzGod, and government, willing we'll soon be able to dance the night away at our wedding. Love ya hon.

Daniel EwaldSandwichI like you because
we're always in a hammock
even when we're not

OrangeBooby ButtHow it is my heart has named you this, I have no idea. However, it is probably the cutesiest name I've ever given, so cheers. I know you don't necessarily get down with the V-day stuff, but you'll at least indulge me this, won't you? Thank you for your love, patience, laughter and affection. And (gentle) kisses. Mush mush mush. And now I'm done.

FreeMy "TRUE LOVE"Through the years some things have changed,
Our ages, size, lives rearranged.
Laughter, tears, I've never wavered.
The tasty morsels of life is what I have savored.
Loving you has been my pleasure,
My "True Love", you are my treasure.

Happy Valentine's Day Harold,
I wouldn't want 2 share this day with anyone else. I LOVE YOU!

Ur Lover, ur friend, ur wife - LisaRayI'm the luckiest girl ever to have you! You take care of me, you make me laugh, you push me. You make me laugh every 2 seconds. You work so hard and are devoted to living life. You are patient with me and my crazy projects. I wouldn't be who I am or do what I do without you. I love you to pieces.

Julesthe younger man on the 5:15 southbound Camden lineYou’re my favorite walk-on character. Hey, are you laughing at me or just being a flirt? No matter; your sly, boyish smile and fine, sharp, canny eyes make my heart swoon again.

that older womanKimberly W. D.Happy Valentines day to the best wife a man could ask for. I love you!

Dennis D.Sue BooLike the fortune cookie said "distance sharpens love but closeness strengthens it" I am always looking forward to the next time we can be together. I Love You.

Love MuppetJ CarlWho'd have thought?
I love you so fucking much and thank god you took me back. See you on lane 29 baby.

C BlytheMarcus WilkinsYou are my lover, You are my friend.
Given the chance, I'd marry you all over again.
You are my everything, my other half.
My dirty blanket, my bubble bath.
You complete my me, you touch my soul.
We will be together until were very old.
You make me laugh, you make me cry
Your the gentleman, the perfect guy.
I like your swag, your kisses hot.
Leave me ever--I think not!
Nina and Marcus Wilkins 2011-forever



cbLisaBeen together 4 years. I still love and cherish you and nevaeh rose. I love you always.

Michael H.Occupy BaltimoreYou take my breath away! Or is that the cold, harbor air? We have a lot of work left to do, and I’m honored to have such a beautiful group of people to work with. Solidarity forever!

My loving boyfriend JeremyI can call you mine

My valentine

I love you

You love me

Today is the day

The day I ask you to be

My valentine

Telling you I love you

You are my world

Everything I do

I do for you

Cause the love I hold for you is true

And for you it always will be

Today I call you

My valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day Jeremy.


Tami xxooLaTonya Summerville, Allean Summerville, LaRissa Wise, Jalyne WiseHappy Valentine’s Day to all. Love you

Louis Summerville, SrJ.R.R.I love you. I love you. I love everything about you! Your smile, your laugh, your kindness, and the way you mother our son. You are perfect in every way! My happiness is because of you. Thank you.

T.M.S.My nephew Tahj, and my grandson JonathanHappy Valentine’s Day. Love U 4Eva

TinaAmanda DickinsMy first, my last, my valentine

I’ve never imagined the there can be this day,

A day that love will find its way

Out of my heart and into your soul

These feelings I have are beyond my control

All my life I have waited patiently

For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely

Words can’t express the way I feel

These feels toward you are so real

You are the reason why I go on

Eternity can’t separate this special bond

This heart of mine is reserved for you

Forever it is yours, this love is true

I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last

My world, my everything, till my time has passed

I will always love you until the end of time

My love, my sweetheart, my valentine

Amanda I love you

Always and 4ever

T.J. DitzelTo my son DarylLuv u

Mom xoxoDonna and Dora (puppy)I am so happy to see you happy since our own dog Bouche of 15 years passed away. I thought that a new puppy might ease our pain. Your love means the world to me. I could not be more proud to have you as my valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

SonnyPatriciaThere’s a reason to stay. There’s a reason to try harder, and work on our relationship. There’s a reason to believe we can make it through this. The reason is “I still love you, and I always will.” Happy Valentine’s Day

Big AlMy precious LDBaby, we’ve known each other for 12 years. And you’re right! I ain’t been acting like the man you fell in love with. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you. You’re always on my mind. And I’m still in love with you. I’m sorry, for being unfair to you. And I hope you can give me another chance to be yours again. I don’t want to keep putting you through changes, baby. I want to be yours forever. I love you!! Your future husband,

Big S.T.Kathi Hayes ProdeySince we’ve met I’ve always made this my favorite day of the year. In the past I always showered you with many surprises on Valentine’s Day, such as, at least 5 to 8 cards, stuffed animals, and whatever I thought would surprise you. This year I can’t do that because of my situation, but God works in so many ways. He allowed me to see the ad in City Paper, and I was so grateful when I seen the ad, because you have been my backbone since the day we met, and I don’t know what I would’ve done if I couldn’t surprise you, sooo surprise. I love you Kathi Hayes Prodey. Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful. Your loving husband,

Steven L. ProdeySweetfaceYou are everything I ever wanted and even more than I could imagine. I appreciate the love we still share. After 13 struggling years, I love you more than ever, and I am glad we have each other now and forever more. You are the perfect verse on a tight beat, my #1 hit! Love always,

Your sweetsMichael and Patricia MichelHappy Valentine’s. Love ya

JesseVickyI love you so much. Happy Valentine’s

JessKellyWe are reunited, and it feels so good. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever! Your lover boy,


ZZZXXXAn early full moon

It was a sign


You help me more

Than you’ll ever know

The words finally came

As did your letter

That very same day

Bitter irony

Tragic opera

I’m singleMy Dear MariaI miss you! FELLS POINT is not the same without you! PUT ON YOUR BLACK and CUM BACK!! I have a steak dinner and some good steak wine for you!








MISTY 2012Dearest John,My heart will always belong to you! Thank you for loving me, encouraging me, and expanding my universe in a most joyful way!!!!!

38 years was not long enough . . . I miss you every minute.


kim xoxoxHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!To my Jack Daddy and my Jackson!! XOXO The luckiest wife & mother in the world!!

SPDHow the heck do you do it!!! We’ve had 27 Valentime’s Days together and I love you more now than ever!!!

Each year you get prettier, cooler, and more loving to me. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find you (OK, that you found me).

Be my love forever,

Mitchy-DMy Honey BunnyThis is our second Valentine’s Day. Thank you for being the awesome man in my life. I will always have your back.

Wine Cheeks :) xxxPopsicleYou make life sparkle. Frithjof.

PonyHey sexy,thank you for three wonderful years as my loving soulmate. I know 2012 will be our best year ever. I love and adore you. (!) (.)(.) (($)) With love from your sugarbear. XXX

Dear “Mister”I just wanted to send some love and light your way. This was a long-standing tradition for us, and I didn’t want it to go by without at least using this platform to try to bring about some positivity in an otherwise ugly situation. I know you hate me . . . and that’s OK. I hated the way we were and what we ended up being. I learned a lot of lessons and saw that I had a lot of room to grow too. Thank you for teaching me those lessons, they made me stronger. I will never forget the good times, I will cherish them always. I want you to do well. I want you to be happy, and I want you to have joy and peace in your heart. I will always want the best for you no matter how much hurt there is between us. I hope these new beginnings have you on the path to where you ultimately want to be. Please take care of yourself . . .


“Candygirl”I love you sooo much& you have made me feel like I’m the only girl in the world

T.J. & Krysten forever!!!Dearest Muffy,Ever since I was your 80’s prom date I knew we were gonna be something special, but even before that teased hair in the basement I knew you were special. You are truely selfless and when this leaves you spent know that I will be there to hold you; reminding you that the world is infinitely beautiful and creation is playing out exactly as it should.

I love you even more.

ryanDear Brian,Happy Valentine’s Day! I miss you and love you. I am sorry we cannot be together on this special day. I love you.

Your wife MichelleAttention: Mrs. Danyelle DeShieldsPlease Beware!!! The King of Hearts

Will Strike Tonight!!! Sweet tooth craving

of chocolate delight!!

Long Drink of WaterIt was indeed a pleasure meeting you months ago. We have so much in common, along with anticipation of redeeming my two coupons. You are very classy, sexy, informed, and most of all have a fantastic sense of humor. Looking forward to our next date, an “evening of ecstasy.”

The Silver FoxWilma, aka TrudyThanks for loving and caring for me. I know at times I am very difficult to deal with. But always remember my love for you. Looking forward to a fantastic year together.

John, aka FredDaddy’s Little PrincessDestiny, I want you to be my valentine, because you are so sweet, loving, strong, and understanding, given the situation you’re in, and I love you so much for that. Happy Valentine’s Day, Destiny, I send all my love, hugs, and kisses to you. Be home soon.

Your Daddy, Jacob BeckettePamYou’re the best mom no matter what anyone says. Thank you for being there for me and my family during this situation. I am going to change this time. Promise. I love you, and happy Valentine’s Day.

Your Son (HRZ)Crystal, the woman of my worldI want you to be my valentine now and forever. Thank you for being here for me in this situation. I love you so much. Be home soon.

HRZDaddy’s Little PrincessJessica, I love you so much and I will be home soon and everything will get back to our great relationship we used to have. Happy Valentine’s Day.


DaddyDear Seanathon,Thank you for being my best friend. I love you with all of my heart and appreciate all of the drunken times we spend together- no matter how lame we are becoming in our old age. You teach me so much and I truly value your uniqueness and hilarity.

Love LiquorDear Belarus,I love your smelly morning kisses and gross evening farts. I love your big smile and your even bigger heart. I can not put into words how much you mean to me, and count myself lucky to have found you. These first 7 years have been unbelievable, and I know the next 7 will be incredible too.

xoxo Branders

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