The world's most dangerous carry out is a winner

Yau Brothers Carry Out

2901 Greenmount Ave., (410) 355-1553

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Chinese dishes whose most visibly distinguishing characteristics are their varying shades of brown may be considered inherently risky, taste-wise. But we can tell you from recent experience, if you go to Yau Brothers Carry Out and order the three “house” specialties—lo mein, yat, and egg foo young—you’ll get two brown noodle dishes (light-brown lo mein, dark-brown yat) and one light-brown egg dish, and they’ll all be remarkably delicious. One of our guest eaters—a Chinese-food aficionado, very hard to please—gave it both thumbs, except for the General Tso’s chicken, which she found overly crisp. The four dishes rang up to a grand total of $30 and change, and we left with two very heavy bags—enough for three people to eat well for days. Plus, we now have the street cred that comes with having gone to Yau Brothers, which, thanks to a spate of murders in and around the place, has been tagged by a local blogger as “the world’s most dangerous carryout.” Despite the courage possibly needed to patronize it, the food is a winner.

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