Pop up suit shop for women and trans* men comes to town

If you're in the market for a wedding dress or suit in Baltimore, this is your weekend. The Wedding Experience will take over the Convention Center, and after you're done stuffing your face with cake samples and picking out your tiara or tie clip, you can head home happy.Unless, of course, you're in the market for a suit in a body that suits aren't made to fit. And there are lots of us facing that particular problem. Women and trans* men often struggle to find suits that fit properly, buttoning over chests, fitting narrower shoulders, and tucking in at the right spots, but without tuck pleats. There are workarounds, sure—women and trans* men have been making do for a long time. But sometimes you want something that actually fits and lets you feel at home, and not as a temporary guest.If that's you, do not fret. Saint Harridan is coming to the rescue, opening a pop up shop selling tailored masculine suits for the rest of us. Saint Harridan started in response to Mary Going's struggle to find the perfect suit for her nuptials. Suits off the rack were just wrong, and the one she had made personally for her was cost-prohibitive. Going knew she wasn't alone with this problem. A Kickstarter project raised $137,000, and Saint Harridan was born, and we no longer have to ignore puckered seams or struggle with that I'm-in-my-dad's-suit feeling, because these suits are made for us and those we love, and we are going to look amazing.Check them out this weekend at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Suite 2203 at the Inner Harbor. join them Friday from 7-9 for their opening shindig; free tickets are available here.

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