Santa Shtick

White Marsh Mall

(8200 Perry Hall Blvd., [410] 931-7100,

The White Marsh Santa seemed a bit younger and more energetic, with cool dark streaks in his beard--it's worth noting that all the Santas seemed to have real beards. It's apparently a pre-requisite for the gig these days.

This time, the boys asked if Santa celebrated Hanukkah. Without missing a beat, White Marsh Santa replied energetically, "Absolutely! Santa's an ecumenical guy!" And he has a solid vocabulary too!

Jack, who apparently took note of the seating arrangements in each North Pole, notes, "He had a long couch to sit on," and "he was so nice." Benny adds, "He was the cuddliest."

RATING: 7 Hanukkah candles

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