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For those jonesing to re-up on electronic-cigarette juices or equipment in Baltimore, the city currently has five vape shops dedicated solely to this safer alternative to combusted tobacco. 

The Vapory (19 W. Preston St., [443] in Midtown Belvedere is an English-basement shop chock full of curios with a wide selection of juices, all with 18-mg concentrations of nicotine. Federal Hill’s Bmore Vapes (905 Light St., [410] is a busy establishment with a large staff, and it mixes its own juices—including to order, by request—in addition to carrying name brands. Mystic Vape (3678 Falls Road, [410], a corner basement shop in Hampden run by two pleasant sisters, also mixes its own juices. District Charm Vapory (777 Washington Blvd., [443] in Washington Village/Pigtown has a fine selection of juices and accoutrements and hosts music-and-poetry open-mic events. 

Baltimore’s newest vape shop, Harbor Vapor (1743 Fleet St., [443] in Fells Point, is a stylish exposed-brick-and-wood affair where patrons belly up to the juice bar. Enjoy the convenience of indoor vaping while you still can, since the Baltimore City Council is currently considering a bill to ban vaping wherever smoking tobacco is prohibited—which, unless an exception is crafted, would include the city’s vape shops. 

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