Baltimore's stage scene offers great entertainment for the altered

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There’s a contradiction in all of our thinking about the effects of weed: We think on the one hand it makes us stupid, silly, or giggly, and on the other that it produces deep, trippy thoughts. In some ways both of these are true, and in this way, being stoned is like philosophy. Plato compares the philosopher to someone who has just walked out of the darkness and into the light—she is at once staggering around and looking dazed and seeing the profound depth of the world.

Baltimore’s theatrical scene is an equally heady and experimental space and is a perfect place to engage in such staggering. EMP’s new staging of Connor Kizer’s production of “Behold the Man” (through April 19)  almost literally involves this stumbling quest, as Karl Glogauer finally goes back in time to search for Christ after a lifetime of unfulfilling engagements with philosophy, love, and religion. I’m not saying Kizer is a stoner, but his impressive theatrical mind is certainly simpatico.

Single Carrot Theatre is also always good for some heady ruminations, so if you’re looking to blaze up for an evening out in Remington, you could do worse than to see “Utopia Parkway” (through April 26), a bizarre musical with three different women playing the female lead (and you can nosh on some bar snacks, or a full meal at Parts and Labor afterward). And, though they don’t have shows running this week, Annex Theatre, The Yellow Sign Theatre, Mobtown Theatre, Baltimore Improv Group, Glass Mind Theatre, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, and Stillpointe Theatre all offer reliably skewed experiences.

If you want to go a little more high-end with your theatrical high, you could get heady and depressed (trigger warning: heavy shit) in the swanky new Everyman Theatre watching Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts” (through May 3) and stop by for some strong IPAs and a smoke burger to ease out of the funk at Alewife afterward or stop by to see either one of the two political family dramas (“After the Revolution” and “4000 Miles”) in the Amy Herzog Festival at Center Stage—it’s always especially nice to be swankily stoned in a sports jacket or a dress.

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