Maura Callahan


Maura Callahan was born, raised, and educated in Baltimore and has written for City Paper since 2013. She is both an artist and critic, which is a weird place to occupy. She is interested in visual art, theater, dance, and performance art, especially when it's subversive; and also history and cheese.

Recent Articles

  • Callahan: Joy, pain, and nausea

    Callahan: Joy, pain, and nausea

    When I tell people who apparently do not read City Paper that I work for City Paper and mostly cover art, I often hear in response something like: “That’s good—we need positive press about Baltimore. It’s not just murder and drugs here.” Because I rarely have the energy or patience to go down that...

  • After Life's Fitful Fever

    After Life's Fitful Fever

    Digging up history and art in Green Mount Cemetery