Ubaldo Jimenez

Yeah sure, magic is awesome. I love seeing ladies sawed in half, doves flying out of butts, and designated hitters pitching for the win in extra innings, but magic only gets you so far.

Here on the shores of the mighty chesterpeak, we like to talk about a little thing called Orioles Magic. Orioles Magic is an intangible thing, though I imagine if you could isolate it and dissect it under a microscope, it would be made of a Glen Burnie "O," a cigarette carton full of Earl Weaver toenail clippings, and a dusting of Old Bay. But honestly, what it is doesn't really matter; it's what it does that counts.

Orioles Magic was started with Doug DeCinces' mythic home run back in '79; Orioles Magic oozed out of Joe Altobelli and all over the '83 O's on their way to the World Series; it grew the gloves of Brady Anderson, Steve Finley, and Mike...