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Kahlon celebrates its two-year anniversary

Kahlon celebrates its two-year anniversary

You know that part in "Trainspotting" when Renton, played by Ewan MacGregor, surveys a London rave, nodding his head, pumping his first, trying to give into the PLUR-ness of it all, even though he's a recovering hateful junkie who prefers Iggy Pop's raucous nihilism to this rolling-friendly party music? He narrates his epiphany in real time: "The world is changing. Music is changing. Drugs are changing. Even men and women are changing. One thousand years from now, there'll be no guys and no girls."

There was a moment like that for me at the start of 2014 when I realized that Kahlon, Abdu Ali's bimonthly (basically) dance party, also organized...