Debonair Samir's 'Samir's Theme' 10 years later

Debonair Samir's 'Samir's Theme' 10 years later

Nothing but busy, rambunctious horns showcased loud and clear, Debonair Samir’s ‘Samir’s Theme’ is a timeless, energizing Baltimore club cut that serves as an introduction to club music for many around the world and remains a defining track for the genre’s dedicated fanbase since its release in 2005.

“I was just playing around with it and one of my childhood friends, Mike Mumbles, heard it and was like, ‘Give it to me right now!’ because he was DJing at [early 2000s Baltimore nightclub] The Tunnel at the time,” Samir recalls, 10 years later over coffee. “He went and played it and said ‘Everybody lost their minds....