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Clicking and Streaming: 'Vengeance Is Mine' and 'Homefront'

Clicking and Streaming: 'Vengeance Is Mine' and 'Homefront'

“Vengeance Is Mine”

Directed by Shôhei Imamura

Available on DVD/Blu-Ray in a New Transfer

This movie answers the hypothetical, “What if Martin Scorsese, not Steven Spielberg, had directed ‘Catch Me If You Can’?” In Japanese new-wave titan Shôhei Imamura’s 1979 take on a 1960s-set true-crime tale, Iwao (Ken Ogata) is a bit of an overgrown kid—in his 30s, he’s still playing pachinko and taking pocket money from his elderly mother. But he’s also a remorseless borderline-sociopath who turns a robbery into a double homicide and then a spree, lying, grifting, and killing his way back and forth across Japan and hiding in...