Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Mr. Wrong: The edge of wetness

Mr. Wrong: The edge of wetness

Is it still raining? According to the Weather Underground site I am looking at right now, as I am writing this column (which you will see, at the earliest, six days from now), it will be 74 degrees and sunny, in Baltimore, USA on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, Anno Domini, unless there's another Hurricane or Nor'easter or a Hurricane combinated with a Nor'easter and maybe some Derecho on the side. A Nor'echocane!

However, as I am writing this particular precipitation of the Mr. Wrong Column, currently, six days before Oct. 7 at the least, it's 60 degrees and raining, and it's gonna rain for a coupla more days and then we might get a Hurricane, Joaquin, namely, or...