Hailing from Philadelphia, MC Amanda Blank has been blowing heads with the way she works a rhyme for a good five-plus years, though only in the wider public eye for the last three or so. After guesting on singles and mixtapes from Spank Rock, Aaron LaCrate, Britney Spears, and Ghostface Killah, Blank now steps out from the Diplo-anointed party circuit to weather the criticism of a solo artist with her debut full-length, I Love You. In the process she's managed to incite those prone to both raunchy and derisive entertainment, all while backed by the Baltimore Bass Connection of DJs Devlin and Darko. Currently on tour with Matt and Kim and the Intelligence, Blank took a moment from the road to answer a few deep, philosophical questions via e-mail.

City Paper: Where does Amanda Mallory end and Amanda Blank begin?
Amanda Blank: Wherever the sidewalk ends.

CP: What's Blank's trigger?
AB: No sleep; delirium.

CP: And what's Mallory's safe word?
AB: "Trannyface."

CP: When approaching producers for tracks, what did you ask for?
AB: Something that feels good. Or bad. Whatever is fitting to the moment, I guess!

CP: What do you feel makes for the most appropriate Amanda Blank musical arrangement?
AB: Something heavy. And loud.

CP: What tones do you feel work best with your voice?
AB: Dark ones.

CP: When producers presented a track they considered perfect for you, how did they say it suited you?
AB: Hahaha, they usually just say, 'This is hot. You should rap on this!' But mostly it's a collaborative effort. There's not much presentation, 'cause I'm usually there while they're making the beats.

CP: How would you characterize the different contributions of [I Love You producers] XXXchange, Diplo and Switch, etc.?
AB: Well, they're all really really different people and producers, but all equally as talented and creative. They're just different. To try and summarize their differences and similarities and complexities would be entirely way too difficult. They're some awesomely crazy dudes.

CP: Compare your relationship with your contemporaries to something pop cultural (i.e., the Brady Bunch, the Justice League,Rock of Love II with Bret Michaels, etc.).
AB: The Partridge Family meets Fraggle Rock.