Ale Mary's

Ale Mary's (Noah Scialom / February 12, 2014)

The Admiral’s Cup

1647 Thames St., (410) 534-5555,

$$, L, D, BR

This waterfront newcomer pleases patrons with the seafood-centric menu that Fells Point tourists and locals alike are after. Crab mac and cheese, tuna cobb salad, and jambalaya. 

Ale Mary’s

1939 Fleet St., (410) 276-2044,

$$, D, BR, Out

A dollar goes a long way on food here—huge entrees and lots of rib-sticking sides, including a wide array of tater tots. Lunch on weekends.

The tater tot menu kills, but the full weight of the offerings—including burgers, steaks, and crab cakes—will satisfy a gourmand.


129 S. Broadway, (410) 522-4777,

$$, L, D, Br, Out

Possibly the most romantic outdoor dining available in Baltimore, made spicier by the fine Latin cuisine, particularly the tacos dorados and barbacoa de borrego.


734 S. Broadway, (410) 327-5795,

$$$, L, D, BR

Maybe it’s the long and famous experience gained from serving mussels, but this place knows its way around a stick of butter, a bottle of sherry, and a spice rack—who knew chicken livers could be so good?

The Black Olive

814 S. Bond St., (410) 276-7141,

$$$, L, D, R

The specialty here is grilled whole fresh fish with the house sauce, and diners select their own catch or go with the catch of the day. A recommended alternative is the kakavia, an amazing Greek stew.

Blue Moon Café

1621 Aliceanna St., (410) 522-3940,

$, B, L, D, 10 p.m.

There’s a reason for the line out front whenever this place is open—it’s strictly breakfast food, done with delicious creativity. Nice to find potato cakes with applesauce and sour cream on the same menu with sausage-gravy biscuits. 

Bond Street Social

901 S. Bond St., (443) 449-6234,

$$, D, BR, P, Out, R

Shared dishes run the gamut, from saffron arancini and fancy grilled cheese to Moroccan lamb chops and scallops. Cocktails get at least equal billing at this semi-swanky meet market.

Brick Oven Pizza

800 S. Broadway, (410) 563-1600,

$$, L, D, 10 p.m.

Outstanding pizza with a light crust, but they’re no slouches when it comes to wraps and pasta either.


1911 Aliceanna St., (410) 563-8008,

$$, L, D, P

A destination for very good Indian food, from perennials like chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, to the more exotic, like benghan aftab, a fried eggplant specialty.

Ding How

631 S. Broadway, (410) 327-8888,

$, L, D, DV

Known for its lo mein and white-meat General Tso’s chicken, this is an old faithful for Chinese dining.

Dogwatch Tavern

709 S. Broadway, (410) 276-6030,

$, L, D, Out, 10 p.m.

Respectable pub grub, with excellent soups and a chicken pot pie that’ll bring you back.

Duda’s Tavern

1600 Thames St., (410) 276-9719,

$$, L, D, Out, 10 p.m.

Crab cakes, yes, and a full gamut of tasty options (including Taylor pork roll!), but for those looking to drop some cash, try the stupendous “bay pilot seafood medley,” which is totally worth it.

The Greene Turtle

718-722 S. Broadway, (410) 342-4222,

$$, L, D, BR, Out, 10 p.m.

It’s a big menu from a big outfit (franchises available, with almost 40 locations in four states and D.C., including outlets in Towson and at BWI airport), so expect plentiful drinking grub.

Henninger’s Tavern

1812 Bank St., (410) 342-2172,

$$$, D

OK, so, gruyere-and-leek bread pudding with a Cornish game hen and a side of jus-soaked haricot verte. Yum. Just go and see the rest yourself. The place is priceless.

Hungry Andy’s

629 S. Broadway, (410) 558-1869,

$, L, D, DV

Everything you expect from a deli—subs, wings, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, barbecue—only tastier.

Jimmy’s Restaurant

801 S. Broadway, (410) 327-3273

$, B, L

Baltimore’s Platonic ideal of a breakfast joint also offers T-bones and New York strips, a full menu of subs and sandwiches, and burgers and dogs. Plus, pretty darn cold beer.

John Steven Ltd.

1800 Thames St., (410) 327-5561,

$$$, L, D, BR, Out, 10 p.m., R

Boasting about its bounteous seafood offerings is the John Steven way, and it tries mightily to live up to the expectations.

Johnny Rad’s

2108 Eastern Ave., (443) 759-6464,

$$, L, D, 10 p.m.

People are drawn in by its imaginative thin-crust pizzas and awesome beer list; they stay for the Skee-Ball lanes; and they come back for the friendly service.