Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Snakes

May 30

Back in March, we got a geeked-up email from a friend. It began, "I saw a very weird show on Friday night at the Bahamas. It was a few noise sets and then this brand new band Snakes' tape release show." Our friend went on to describe Snakes, the new band from George Cessna, formerly of the Sterling Sisters, as "very spaghetti western . . . Townes Van Zandt meets Soul Train," which is fairly apt, though we'd add that Snakes' self-titled debut has a kind of decadent rockabilly swagger to it as well that makes their songs strangely danceable. As our friend put it, after witnessing a country-fried dance party pop off at the release party: "Rare to see a country show at the Copycat. Even more rare that people at the Copycat enjoy it." Snakes open for Slim Cessna's Auto Club, a long-running Cormac McCarthy-like country project fronted by George's pops. If you're unfamiliar, check out 2013's "SCAC 102 An Introduction For Young And Old Europe," which collects some of the best songs from the band's 2000s output, all originally released on Alternative Tentacles. 8 p.m., The Metro Gallery, 1700 N Charles St., (410) 244-0899,, $10-$12. (Brandon Soderberg)

Gary Isaacs
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