This Week

  • Tuesday: John Legend

    Tuesday: John Legend

    July 25 What is it that makes a love song, or even a love-lost song great? Even if the song is highly personal, an artist pens verses and hooks that transcend the personal experience and make it relatable to the masses. Good Music's resident vocalist John Legend has mastered the art of balladry...

  • Wednesday: “Apocalypse Now”

    Wednesday: “Apocalypse Now”

    July 26 There is nothing about “Apocalypse Now” that is not problematic. Not the premise: the white colonel building a jungle death cult among the ignorant natives; not the other premise: the white assassin sent to make it right; not even the third premise: that all of war—that one war, anyway—is...

  • Thursday: Rum on the Roof: Lyon Distilling Co.

    Thursday: Rum on the Roof: Lyon Distilling Co.

    July 27 The people at the Maryland Science Center are no dummies. They know that humans are most motivated to learn when you make it fun and interesting, more so when you appeal to their taste buds. When I took my daughter there a few weeks ago we got to watch an employee make vanilla ice cream...

  • Saturday: R. Kelly

    July 29 Yeah so R. Kelly is coming to Baltimore, and he’s probably going to perform all of his hits that get cookouts, wedding receptions, and your parents’ Wednesday night line dancing class at the local rec center popping—the three-time Grammy award winner is thought of as a legend in most circles....

  • Saturday: Bit Gen Gamer Fest XII

    Saturday: Bit Gen Gamer Fest XII

    July 29, 3 p.m.-1 a.m., Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069,, $25. Baltimore's 12th annual video game music festival returns with 16 bands and plenty of home console and arcade games on hand for a full day of gaming and live music.

  • Saturday: Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective

    Saturday: Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective

    July 29 Ostensibly a folk band, Fleet Foxes get a whole lot from their sound, particularly in the booming vocal parts in the style of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Speaking of, supreme Twitter troll David Crosby said this of the band's music when someone asked for his opinion earlier this year: "Could...

  • Sunday: Tender FM Vol. 19: The Sleepover

    Sunday: Tender FM Vol. 19: The Sleepover

    July 30 Listen, I've been doing this monthly Sunday evening ritual for like, more than a year now, and it really centers me and makes me feel OK—sometimes it makes me feel great, in fact. In that way it's like yoga, but less bendy: It's the monthly poetry/reading series Tender FM at The Crown,...