This Week

Tuesday: Hear Our Stories

Jan. 24, 6-8 p.m., Motor House, 120 W. North Ave.,, free. FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture hosts its annual open house with live poetry, music, storytelling, a silent auction, and quiltmaking to recognize and support survivors of rape and abuse.More

  • What a Joke: A National Comedy Festival

    What a Joke: A National Comedy Festival

    Jan. 18, 19, 21 Turns out, things can still be funny even though the country's gone to the shitter and everything is terrible. See for yourself: This week you can enjoy four stand-up events dedicated to helping you through this bullshit and supporting the ACLU in a desperate time. Baltimore's shows—which...

  • Second Stoop: Not Throwing Away Our Shot

    Second Stoop: Not Throwing Away Our Shot

    Jan. 19 The theme for tonight's storytelling is "Stories about taking a stand" for someone or something and, well, we could all use those right about now. As President Barack Obama said in his farewell address, the most important thing to do in democracy is be involved. That's especially true for...

  • Friday: Pictureplane, Chiffon, Hi$to, Everything

    Friday: Pictureplane, Chiffon, Hi$to, Everything

    Jan. 20 Would you like to know what the future might sound like? If so, this show at Metro is a good place to get a sense of where electronic music and dance are headed, especially, if all of the terrifying things Trump seems ready and willing to do actually do indeed happen. In a sense, this is...

  • Planned Parenthood Pre-March Rally

    Planned Parenthood Pre-March Rally

    Jan. 20 Come to the Ottobar a little earlier than you might usually and support Planned Parenthood—which is fully under attack by the Trump administration and all the wretched Republicans who've fallen in line or are using the pending administration to push the awful policies they've wanted to...

  • Sunday: Vermin Supreme

    Sunday: Vermin Supreme

    Jan. 22 Vermin Supreme loves the smell of ponies in the morning. Rob Potylo loves serenading riot cops to the tune of  “Hotdogs & Applesauce.” Both like bringing a McD’s “McRib Is Back” banner to those let’s-show-everyone-giant-posters-of-dead-fetuses anti-abortion rallies, then insisting that...

  • Nasty Women & Bad Hombres

    Nasty Women & Bad Hombres

    Jan. 20 If you want to check off as many anti-Trump activities in one place tonight, the Creative Alliance is the place to do it. Here you can take a swipe at a pinata, watch a drag show hosted by Betty O'Hellno (who recently wowed me with her Bacchus-chic, Franzia-soaked burlesque act at the Crown),...

  • Unify Or Die—Trump Is in: The Day After

    Unify Or Die—Trump Is in: The Day After

    Jan. 21 The day after Trump is sworn in, some of the city's most dedicated community leaders and activists are gathering to talk Trump: What now? What next? What does this mean? Featuring speeches from activist PFK Boom, Minister Carlos Muhammad, Chairman Jabari Natur, and Dr. Oya Maat, it should...

  • Wednesday: 'Moonrise Kingdom'

    Wednesday: 'Moonrise Kingdom'

    Jan. 25 I've been thinking about Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" a lot lately while listening to one of my favorite albums from last year—cowboy country Luke Bell's self-titled album. Bell does a mix of laconic folk, serious honky-tonk, and witty western swing and it's all touched with a sense...

  • Wednesday: 4-Play: The One About Birth Control

    Wednesday: 4-Play: The One About Birth Control

    Jan. 25 Birth control: What is it? How many kinds are there? Is there birth control for people with penises other than just condoms? Is it wrong to play with your NuvaRing? Will we still have access to affordable birth control under a Trump presidency, or will we be forced to hold a Viking funeral...