The Mail 7/30/14

Needless to say, the next day after the article was posted the intersection was completely free of the pesky kids and I haven’t seen them since. However, there is a new small group of kids (possibly from that yellow-shirt group) who are still panhandling, but not as bad as the yellow shirts did. Last week, I actually watched from my window as one of the boys from this new group of kids (very heavyweight boy) stood and paced back and forth in the middle of a lane of oncoming traffic, as cars flew by him. I’m not sure if this is a tactic to get people to give him attention for money but I could NOT believe that this kid just stayed in the flow, impeding traffic! These cars had a green light and must have been going 35 miles an hour and this kid wasn’t going to move. Maybe in his head this was a video game, but in reality it just makes people more angry and most likely uninterested in shelling out any pocket change. Especially the cars who had to wait trying to switch lanes because this kid was standing in their lane and wouldn’t move but, when the cars finally switched lanes to pass by him they got caught at the red light. The thing that baffled me was he still tried to ask for money from them. 

Note to kid(s): Think of a new way to get your money. I had a paper-route job at age 11. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I promise! Plus, the adults won’t take a cut of your money either. I mean, you’re outside all day anyways, why not make money the legit way? 

Note to the “parents”: Take some parenting classes and re-evaluate your priorities and values because letting YOUR kids dart across four lanes of traffic to get you money makes you look sad and pathetic! My parents would have never allowed that! Maybe you all should get a job as well. 


Anyways, thanks again for posting that article! 

Sara Meows


“Hey Edgar, where’s your brother? Johnny Winter, 1944-2014”

I was pleased to see Johnny a few times in my lifetime. He opened up for G. Thorogood in the 80’s in Columbia, MD. George had a hard time measuring up to that. The last time was in Gretna Fest, NOLA ‘06. Eddie Money, then Johnny, he was sitting in a chair on stage. Edgar played with him and they were jammin’ for over an hour. Sauza Tequila sponsored event so you can imagine how electric the crowd was. Great article! Thanks.

–“sunny,” July 27

Ralph laid down his own blistering music in this piece. 

–“O's4Life,” July 23

“Conflicts of Interest: Stephanie and Me”

I’m not one to usually side with Mayor Rawlings-Blake, but man this article makes you seem like a bit of a bully and ***. Why grin in her face?

–“Dale Mcclinton,” July 24

You, my friend are having quite a year. The two best quotes of 2014 in the Baltimore media will probably go down as: “I know, but I’m not interested in that. I’d be more interested in calling Tracy an ***” and “Madame Mayor, I must ask with all due respect, are you a sadist, or just a *** idiot?” Very nicely done. Please continue. 

–“MugwumpsDudes,” July 24