The Mail 7/30/14

The Mail 7/30/14

Prig Watch

The Mail 7/23/14

The Mail 7/23/14


The Mail 7/16/14

The Mail 7/16/14

Not happy I recently viewed your "Trigger Happy" parody of the Baltimore Police Department's 50,000 follower "Happy" video ("`Trigger Happy': The video the BPD should have made," The News Hole, July 8). To say I felt shock and awe at how...

The Mail 7/9/14

The Mail 7/9/14

¿Snap City: Hitting the wood with Baltimore¿s dynamic roller-skating crews¿ Wow! Great piece of writing! I felt like I was an inconspicuous observer, almost voyeuristic intensity. It¿s always a special treat to read any writings by Tony...

The Mail 7/2/14

The Mail 7/2/14

Khayree Robinson is just a microcosm of the kids-at-intersections problem ("Down on the Corner," Feature, June 25) here in Baltimore City and County. This has been going on for years, and not just at North and Mount Royal avenues. Little...

Real Newsie

Regarding "Left Hook" (Feature, May 28) about the Real News Network: Hurray! I think such ventures must be careful to avoid what Barbara Ehrenreich described in her book, ...

Case Management

I am a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. I have great pride that we have a right to a trial by jury, protections from unreasonable searches and seizures, due process of law, and of course, the...

Police Perceptions

The Baltimore Police Department has a serious complex ("Banned, On the Run," Mobtown Beat, May 14). Justin Fenton is not the reason no one believes a word that they say....

Inside Scholars

Your recent cover story ("Heart of Darkness," Feature, May 7) was about the Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI) Scholars, and a unique volunteer program initiated by...

Cool Hand Luke

I really love this piece ("The District Score," Mobtown Beat, April 23). However, I am disappointed that state Del. Luke Clippinger (D-46th District) did not receive any...

I am a controversial black woman seasoned with seasonings from the salt of the earth.

More Numbers I drove by a City Paper box last Wednesday on my way to D.C. to support friends who were on trial for protesting the egregious National Defense Authorization Act, which takes shredding of the Bill of Rights to...

Out of Reach provided me with a greater perspective. I didn't realize what was behind the BGF

Good Article Good article (“Out of Reach,” Feature, Feb. 15). It provided me with a greater perspective. I didn’t realize what was behind the...

in Morton's City Paper column we get a presentation of the several culprits in the Martin case-the NRA, or ALEC, and much more

Congrats to City Paper on the 35 years! Given the sad shame into which the Sun has fallen, maybe it better qualifies as the “alt-daily” paper. Take for example Brian Morton’s wonderful dissection of the...

The Humane Society of the United States is extremely disappointed in the recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision designating all pit bull-type dogs as categorically dangerous

The Humane Society of the United States is extremely disappointed in the recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision designating all pit bull-type dogs as categorically dangerous, and holding owners, landlords, and anyone in custody of the...

Perhaps Mr. Curran needs a lesson on how the "real world" works.

I was reading the “Sweepstakes Take” article (Mobtown Beat, May 9) and City Councilman Robert Curran’s quote that “I want MY $2,200 per machine&...

I have been researching LED streetlights for two years.

It used to be a wonder for me to grow up and contemplate the stars when I was growing up in the Adirodacks. I want to ask the astronomical enthusiasts why they have to cart all their equipment to Lake Montebello to see anything (“...

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