Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • After a hellish week with seven murders plus two previous deaths added to the list, Baltimore saw only one new homicide during the week ending Oct. 20. This year’s count is 13 below last year’s count on the same...

    Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murders

    Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murders

    Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murders

    Murder Ink 9/24/14
  • Murder Ink 9/24/14

  • The week tallied five confirmed homicides (authorities were awaiting autopsy results on a body found in the water under the Hanover Street Bridge). Baltimore¿s 2014 homicide count is 15 below last year¿s at this time and just about even...

    Murder Ink 9/17/14
  • Murder Ink 9/17/14

  • Murders

    Murder Ink 9/10/14
  • Murder Ink 9/10/14

  • Murders

    Murder Ink 9/3/14
  • Murder Ink 9/3/14

  • Murders

    Murder Ink 8/27/14
  • Murder Ink 8/27/14

  • Murders 

    Murder Ink 8/20/14
  • Murder Ink 8/20/14

  • Murders

    Murder Ink 8/12/14
  • Murder Ink 8/12/14

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    Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murders

    Murder Ink: 7/16/14
  • Murder Ink: 7/16/14

  • Murders This Week: 1

    Murder Ink 7/9/14
  • Murder Ink 7/9/14

  • Murders this week: 6

    Murder Ink
  • Murder Ink

  • Murders this week: 4

    Murder Ink 6/24/14
  • Murder Ink 6/24/14

  • Murders this Week: 2

  • Murder Ink 6/18/14

  • For the first time since the second week of March, the murder count held steady for a full week, despite a shooting on Thursday, June 12 that homicide detectives were called to investigate. Police have not updated the identity and condition...

  • Murder Ink 6/11/14

  • We've surpassed the one-murder-a-day rate for 2014.

  • Murder Ink 6/4/14

  • A man in a car that was stolen after the double-shooting that killed Oscar Torres in the early hours on Memorial Day crashed during an apparent pursuit by city police (though a police spokesman says the officers were not chasing the...

  • Murder Ink 5/28/14

  • Memorial Day weekend often brings increased violence to the city and it did again this year. In the week leading up to it there were multiple shootings per night, including two triple shootings in a span of three days. The first few...

  • Murder Ink 5/21/14

  • Thursday, May 15

  • Murder Ink 5/14/14

  • The murder rate spiked again last week as seven victims were added to the rolls and another body-cause and manner of death still pending-was pulled from the harbor.

  • Murder Ink 5/7/14

  • After nearly a week without a recorded murder, the first Saturday in May erupted with three homicides in close succession. As of May 5, there were 59 murders in 2014, as compared to 71 by the same date last year.

  • Murder Ink 4/30/14

  • There were nine non-fatal shootings recorded in the past week, including a triple shooting on Sunday, April 27, on a night when two murders were also recorded. As of this date last year, there had been 68 homicides in Baltimore City. We...

  • Murders this Week: 5; Murders this Year: 52

  • The pace of murders and shootings kicked up last week. Five people were killed and seven others shot non-fatally, including a spate of four on Good Friday night into Saturday morning. One of the murder victims last week was a promising...

  • Murders this Week: 1; Murders this Year: 47

  • Six non-fatal shootings-including four on April 13-did not change the remarkably slow pace of homicides so far in 2014. Last year at this time, Baltimore had 59 murders.

  • Murders this Week: 3; Murders this Year: 46

  • Baltimore's homicide rate remained below last year and historical averages last week after a month in which only seven people were killed. The Sun reported that we'd had the fewest March murders since 1983. Last year, as...

  • Murders this Week: 2; Murders this Year: 43

  • It was another light week for homicides. In both murder cases police announced this week, officers made arrests within hours. As of April 1 last year there were 51 murders in Baltimore.

  • Murders this Week: 1; Murders this Year: 41

  • Another week in which no murders were committed in Baltimore, although a man died following a brutal assault a month before, and a woman was stabbed so many times that police officers on the scene thought she was done for. Police emailed...

  • Murders this Week: 0; Murders this Year: 40

  • A full week passed with no murders recorded, a streak every bit as remarkable as the city's earlier stints in which double and triple homicides seemed to be the norm. There were several non-fatal shootings in the week just passed, including...

  • Murders this Week: 2; Murders this Year: 40

  • The slowdown in homicides continued last week with a six-day murder-free stretch before a man's body was found in a house in the Northwest Community Action neighborhood.

  • Murders this Week: 2; Murders this Year: 38

  • February ended with only 10 homicides recorded, five fewer than in the same month last year and the fewest since 2010, which had the same monthly total.

  • Murders this Week: 3; Murders this Year: 36

  • The slowdown in the murder rate continued last week, even as police shot another suspect-their fifth this year-outside the city shelter Friday afternoon. The as-yet unidentified man reportedly had been inside the shelter,...

  • Murders this Week: 3; Murders this Year: 33

  • Police shot two robbery suspects on the night of Wednesday, Feb. 12. One man was shot, on the 2500 block of Liberty Heights Avenue, with a cash drawer in his hands. Police say the other man had broken into a Morrell Park...

  • Murders this Week: 3; Murders this Year: 30

  • The trend of people getting shot while sitting in cars continued this week, with one victim surviving a robbery with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Police called to that shooting did not find the victim there but located him a bit later...

  • Murders this Week: 7; Murders this Year: 27

  • After a lull, the pace of killings picked up again this week. There was a double-homicide overnight on Thursday and a woman killed in an apparent robbery on Friday.

  • Murders this Week: 2; Murders this Year: 20

  • Nobody was killed in Baltimore for seven days in a row before two murders in a single day broke the streak. There were several non-fatal shootings and stabbings during the lull.

  • Murders this Week: 2; Murders this Year: 18

  • After a horrific start to 2014, the murder rate slowed during the third week of the year, with a five-day period in which no murders were recorded followed by two new killings over two days. Several...

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