No Trivia

No Trivia By Brandon Soderberg
No Trivia: Everybody knows this is nowhere

A big chunk of Neil Young's discography showed up on Apple Music and Spotify just a few days before Donald Trump's victory and I've been revisiting his noisy, rickety records of rage, rancor, and resignation ever since.

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No Trivia: Bon Iver and Danny Brown, down in it

It's fall, so everything's looking real pretty and waiting to die and rightly we've got new albums from Bon Iver—the tenderhearted, oblique "22, A Million," about existential dread—and Danny Brown—the acrid, honest "Atrocity Exhibition," about the destitute loops of addiction.

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No Trivia: What five-year-old Atlanta rapper Bankroll PJ has to do with Baltimore
No Trivia: Residents, activists, and Joshua Harris bang the drum for Poe Homes

In Baltimore, a curious kind of apartheid city, the haves and have-nots are often neighbors. And sometimes, those neighbors air their grievances on each other's doorsteps and bring a drumline along to ensure they're heard.

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No Trivia: Oneohtrix Point Never's face, howling at the Ottobar as Trump stays winning
No Trivia: One year later

Last Wednesday here in Baltimore, a small group of protesters, including many familiar faces from the past year of activism, gathered for the 122nd consecutive West Wednesday though it also felt like a semi-official celebration of what was, in retrospect, the start of the Baltimore Uprising.

See, the Baltimore Uprising began one year ago around this time, months before the death of Freddie Gray.

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