Mr. Wrong

Mr. Wrong By Joe MacLeod
Mr. Wrong: The edge of wetness

Is it still raining? According to the Weather Underground site I am looking at right now, as I am writing this column (which you will see, at the earliest, six days from now), it will be 74 degrees and sunny, in Baltimore, USA on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, Anno Domini, unless there's another Hurricane or Nor'easter or a Hurricane combinated with a Nor'easter and maybe some Derecho on the side. A Nor'echocane!

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Mr. Wrong: All Mosbys are local

I'm not exactly sure about this—I mean, yeah, that's never stopped me before—but I do pretty well predicting the Politics, and I have never lost an Election Wager, and I am gonna go way out in front on this one, chronologically, and say that Nick Mosby, who is @councilmanmosby on the Twitter, and reps Baltimore City Council District 7—which I am reasonably certain is my District, because I haz Total

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Mr. Wrong: Look Best in Anger

You probably didn't notice, but last week in this space there was no Mr. Wrong Column, on account of last week was the annual Best of Baltimore edition-episode-installment of City Paper, Baltimore's Best Alternative Weekly! While I have based my Profession as a Columnist on complaining when the delicate Weekly schedule of the Mr.

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Mr. Wrong: Surly Deadline

So today* my Editor** at City Paper, Baltimore's Only Alternative Newsweekly Owned by The Baltimore Sun Media Group (BSMG), told me there was an Early Deadline, on account of the Labor Day Holiday, which I fully support, man, Labor Day, and having a Holiday for it, I am pro-Union and also pro-Controlling The Means of Production, but in the rough-and-tumble Multimedia News Business, "Holidays" are

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Mr. Wrong: I win again!

OK, a coupla weeks ago I announced the second-ever Contest for The Mr. Wrong Column to become Editor-in-Chief of City Paper, which recently lost its Editor, and yes, we looked under the sofa cushion, but the Most Recently Erstwhile Editor of City Paper has gone to a better place, with trees and lots of room to run and play and we'll all see him real soon.

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Mr. Wrong: Drive-in Movies Rule

Before the Summer really does slip away from us all and we slide inexorably into the Icy Death of Winter, I urge you, as a U.S. American, to eat a Snoball, to go to the Beach, and to go to the Drive-In Movies, specifically the Bengies Drive-In Theatre, at 3417 Eastern Blvd. in beautiful Middle River, MD. Seriously, you need to go to the Drive-In Movies! It doesn't matter what's playing!

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