Mr. Wrong By Joe MacLeod
Mr. Wrong: The Sizzling of Summer Sausage

How is your Summer going? Are you having a good time, or are you at least making holes in your Bad Time to jam a few square pegs of Good Time all up in there? Do it! You gotta steal that stuff! These Are The Good Times!

You gotta steal your fun otherwise The Man will just drain off your life-essence while you are thinking about all those Good Times you are gonna do Someday while you are enduring the...

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Mr. Wrong: Rebel Yell

I forget if I weighed in on this Rebel Flag stuff, because there's so many everybodys weighing in on this Rebel Flag stuff, but I am for putting the flag in a Museum, as opposed to flying it on flagpoles in front of Government Buildings, and I think it is just basically Rude, right now, to display that flag on account of all the Meaning it has accumulated in terms of this Nation's History of allowing...

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Mr. Wrong: Have a Vacation Right Now for The Future

Yeah baby, I’m on Vacation, AROOO! I’m not even here, you know? I mean, I’m someplace, but that someplace is an Unknown Planet in the Galaxy of Vacation, you know? Depending on when you read this (and when I wrote this) I hope you have or will recently experience Vacation in your life soon or just now or shortly before or after now, or right now! Vacation! Go!

Meanwhile, I don’t know where I am except...

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Mr. Wrong: Keep Dixon former

Hey Baltimore, I think pretty much everybody is in agreeance right now that current Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is not looking too good for re-election as Mayor, and I’m not saying that because of all the bad stuff that’s been going on in this city, because the bad stuff has been going on for a long time, and she just happened to be sitting in the mayor chair when enough people got...

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The Readers' Right to Write The Wrong

The Gentle Readers are always encouraged to write in to with thoughts and opinions. As usual, I have obscured the True Identities of the Reader-Writers below, and also as usual, Readers, thanks for reading the Mr. Wrong Column so hard! Extra thanks for helping write my column this week! These first few letters are in response to some sorta idea I had to help the schools of Baltimore...

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Mr. Wrong: E Pluribus Money

I like money. I like to look at all the little engraving-pictures on coins and bills, and I enjoy the Mystery of how, like, the Dime is worth more than the Penny and the Nickel combined, even though the 10-Cent Piece is smaller than each of ’em. I even like the smell of paper money, did you ever smell it? I know, when you start to think about it, Money is super disgusting, because of all the places...

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