Mr. Wrong By Joe MacLeod
The Readers' Right to Write The Wrong

The Gentle Readers are always encouraged to write in to with thoughts and opinions. As usual, I have obscured the True Identities of the Reader-Writers below, and also as usual, Readers, thanks for reading the Mr. Wrong Column so hard! Extra thanks for helping write my column this week! These first few letters are in response to some sorta idea I had to help the schools of Baltimore...

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Mr. Wrong: E Pluribus Money

I like money. I like to look at all the little engraving-pictures on coins and bills, and I enjoy the Mystery of how, like, the Dime is worth more than the Penny and the Nickel combined, even though the 10-Cent Piece is smaller than each of ’em. I even like the smell of paper money, did you ever smell it? I know, when you start to think about it, Money is super disgusting, because of all the places...

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Mr. Wrong: I am Totally not Doing the BGE Smart Energy Rewards Thing

Hey Baltimore, and Maryland, even, did you get that thing from Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) about how now that you have your “Smart Meter” you are eligible to participate in “Energy Savings Days”? Fun!

Yeah man, they (BGE) are all about savings so hard, I mean, they used to be called “BG&E,” and I bet they got rid of the Ampersand in their abbreviation to save on Typography or something, right?...

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Mr. Wrong: The IRS government is throttling my passwords

I am cutting back on Cable Television for a while in order to save money, so if anybody watches the “Game of Thrones” and wants to let me come over and watch it on Sunday nights so I don’t get Spoilered by all the people doing “recaps” the next day on the Internet, or if anybody has an organized group someplace where they watch the Thrones Game someplace please to inform me, I will bring a covered...

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Mr. Wrong: Baltimore City needs to annex the county

Look man, I dwell in and pay taxes to the City of Baltimore, and there’s all kinds of problems with these Public Schools in Baltimore, the ones where children go when their parents can’t afford to put them in Private Schools, and nobody listened to me when I said to put slot machines in the schools, and so here we are, and nobody (everybody) doesn’t want to send their kids to these Public Schools,...

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Mr. Wrong: A Salute to the Graduating Class of 2015 or Whatever

Now is Graduation Season, so first and foremost, fivemost, almost, I would like to congratulate all the Graduates who are Graduating right now, and also I would like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that—unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking—the Mr. Wrong Column is available for all manner of Public Speaking Engagements, Motivational Addresses, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Luncheons, and most importantly,...

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