Hot Fudge Wednesdays: The Weed Issue

W is for WOW I LIKE IT

Hot Fudge Wednesdays: Public Health Dazzler

The thing the tobacco industry doesn’t want you to know about quitting is how fun it is. Like, crazy insane bat-shit fun. Totally bananas out-of-control fun!...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays: Seasonal affectation disorder of the third kind

Valentine’s Day was stressful. Every year, it’s the same. From eating so much Valentine’s Day turkey that my pants unbutton themselves out of...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays: To Fall In Love With Yourself, Do This

We the people cannot get enough of Mandy Len Catron’s article “To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This,” presently the most popular...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays: Top Tent List

Nothing says winter magic like the moment the 2015 tent catalogs appear! 2014 models are on sale, and we are treated to a glimpse of what 2016 might hold for...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays: Tackling the Issue

At this time I would like to formally offer my services as Think Tank to the world. Why hide my light behind a bushel? Or a barrel? Whatever it was that people...

Quiz: Which Word Document Template Are You?

What does your choice of Word document template have to say about your personality? Are you a no-holds-barred, risk-having person? A tender crocus waiting to...

Time Flies Like An Arrow

It is September, and I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. That’s right. Darn it, I’m going to miss my fruit flies.

A Slimy Recess

I for one am swollen with relief at the realization that our long national nightmare of never being able to sue the President of the United...

Many people ask me, “Why is summer such a problem this time of year?” To them I say: “Because summer is guilty, and it knows it is guilty. Which is the worst,...

It is times like these, times when I am sandwiched between a low ceiling and a 6800 gallon tank of salt water on a metal railing less than a foot wide with no clear way to escape,...

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