Field Tripping By Kate Drabinski
Field Tripping: Seadogging

It's the height of summer right now, so I thought I'd do what Baltimore hopes and prays people do in the summertime: head down to the Inner Harbor and spend some money. The city has been relying on this strategy to save the city from the dire economic fates of the postindustrial wasteland for years, at least since Mayor William Schaefer pushed for the building of the Convention Center in the 1970s....

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Field Tripping: In Training

I’ve been celebrating my 40th birthday, which happened in mid-June, for the better part of a year. My last big present is coming up at the end of the month—a 10-day bike tour of the Adirondacks with a bunch of other mid-life-crisis-suffering middle-class white folks. It’s one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, I love riding my bicycle, I have the kind of bicycle that...

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Plantation Touring

I’m on vacation again, this time in New Orleans on a ticket I booked with bonus frequent-flier miles I got for signing up for a credit card, because that’s about as complicated a hustle as I can run. I only had one real plan when I came down here, if you don’t count eating beignets and riding my bike along the Mississippi River, and that was a visit to the new Whitney Plantation, out in Wallace, Louisiana....

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Field Tripping: Niagara Falls-ing

It’s my birthday this month—I’m turning 40—and I’ve wisely decided to spend June giving myself whatever I want in celebratory fashion. So far that has mostly meant teaching summer school and lathering on name-brand sunscreen for the bike rides it takes to get me there, but hey, that’s what pushing 40 looks like, apparently. I did, though, fit in a real-life full-on field trip last weekend: Niagara...

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Field Tripping: Biking 'The Wire'

I have moved every few years since 1993. This means that I’m simultaneously really good at making myself at home in new places, and really good at not getting too attached. Because I’m so good at this moving thing, I spent the months leading up to my arrival preparing to be a Baltimorean. And that meant, among other things, getting MLB.TV to watch Orioles games, reading Antero Pietila’s “Not In My...

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Fieldtripping: Newsing

The ladyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary this week, and because we are both total nerds, we did it up by taking the weekend MARC train to D.C. for a weekend of learning fun. It was hard to balance our desire to read ALL THE SIGNS at the museums with my sense that we should figure out a way to use all 12 cushions of the giant blue couch in our hotel suite’s “living room” (free upgrade for...

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