Field Tripping

Field Tripping By Kate Drabinski
Field Tripping: Lewis Museum Redux-ing

One of the great things that happens when someone close to you dies is that you find out that a whole bunch of people love you and wish they could make it better, even though everybody knows that's impossible, because the only thing that makes it better is time, and nobody's figured out how to make it move any faster, and grief-time is even slower than regular time.

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Field Tripping: Funeraling

I took a big field trip this past week, all the way back to Idaho for my dad's memorial service. He died so unexpectedly at Christmas, hit by a left-turning driver, that none of us were ready to plan that whole funeral thing.

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Field Tripping: Memorial Dazing

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, or so I've been told by all the folks who've been chomping at the bit to wear white again after that whole Labor Day thing. If my social media universe is any indication, everybody was grilling in the backyard, getting stuck in traffic on the way to the beach, or frolicking on some nature trail within an hour or two of here.

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Field Tripping: Graduating

I graduated from Boise High School in 1993, and it was such a great day. High school was a rough go for me, mostly due to painful shyness. I was nervous pretty much all the time, a feeling I remember most vividly when I think about lunchtime. We had a cafeteria, but I don't think I ever ate there, mostly out of worry that I'd have to pick a seat, and what if no one sat next to me—or did?

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Field Tripping: Lewis Museum-ing

I had a friend in town this month, visiting from New Orleans. She's one of those nerdy bosom friends, the kind who you can sit and stare into space with for hours and call it a great time but who is also up for a little learning on the side, especially if cocktails follow. Last time I visited her in New Orleans we took a side trip to Whitney Plantation.

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Field Tripping: Heading West

The sun is finally shining and I've had a couple of days in the last few weeks without meetings or teaching, and that means my very favorite kinds of field trips—the ones that start on my bike with no specific destination in mind. I hopped on my bike this past Monday with no plans other than to ride west instead of east, because usually I head east—it's easier to go that way by bike.

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