Field Tripping

Field Tripping By Kate Drabinski
Field Tripping: Cat Lady-ing

The City Paper editors sent me an email last week: "We're doing an issue on pets. Any chance you could write a column about your cats?" Oh, so you want 1,000 words on my cats, I thought. ONLY ONE THOUSAND??? Tough sell, but I'll see what I can do! You see, I love my cats. I have two of them, grown tabby cats from a shelter in Algiers, just across the river from Mardi Gras World in New Orleans.

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Field Tripping: Work Tripping

I'm writing this from a giant bed in a giant room at the Inn Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center where I am ensconced for a couple of nights to attend the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (CHEP), sponsored by the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER).

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Field Tripping: Boner Killing

It’s the sex issue, and I want to write a column to stay on theme and everything, but I have to say, the Trump administration is a serious boner killer. Nothing kills the mood—for me, anyway—like a guy with absolutely no experience getting an easy nod for HUD Secretary or a plagiarizer who had never had any contact with public schools in any way whatsoever becoming Secretary of Education.

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Field Tripping: Marching

As soon as I saw the call going out across my social media for a Women's March on Washington in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, I knew I didn't want to go, and that I had to go. I've been going to marches and rallies for as long as I can remember—toted down to the Capitol Building in Boise, Idaho to rally for abortion rights, for Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Field Tripping: Resolutioning

It's a new year, and that of course means a new you, right? Looks like I'm going to be stuck with the same old me, unfortunately, but this past month of field trips has got me thinking about resolutions for 2017.

My first December field trip took me to New Orleans to visit old haunts from my time living in that ridiculously beautiful and complicated place.

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Field Tripping: Christmasing

I am not a Christmas fan. I love presents, sure, but I hate the relentless commercialism of the holiday and the way it pushes so many of us to spend money we don't have on things nobody needs. I hate traveling when everyone else is trying to do the same thing, all of us packed like sardines as we sit through delay after delay. I hate the relentless music, advertising, and expectations.

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