• Mr. Wrong: The edge of wetness

    Mr. Wrong: The edge of wetness

    Is it still raining? According to the Weather Underground site I am looking at right now, as I am writing this column (which you will see, at the earliest, six days from now), it will be 74 degrees and sunny, in Baltimore, USA on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, Anno Domini, unless there's another Hurricane...

  • Field Tripping: On Broadway

    Field Tripping: On Broadway

    I started college in 1993 with absolutely no idea that girls could like girls—like, LIKE them, like them. I knew about gay men—there was that one bedroom scene on that show "thirtysomething"—but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge about The Gays. I was already an angry feminist, had...

  • Free Will Astrology: 10/7/15

    Free Will Astrology: 10/7/15

    ARIES (March 21-April 19): If I warned you not to trust anyone, I hope you would reject my simplistic fear-mongering. If I suggested that you trust everyone unconditionally, I hope you would dismiss my delusional naiveté. But it's important to acknowledge that the smart approach is far more difficult...

  • Free Will Astrology: 9/30/15

    Free Will Astrology: 9/30/15

    ARIES (March 21-April 19): The next seven weeks will NOT be a favorable time to fool around with psychic vampires and charismatic jerks. I recommend you avoid the following mistakes, as well: failing to protect the wounded areas of your psyche; demanding perfection from those you care about; and...

  • Savage Love: Asshole Moves

    Savage Love: Asshole Moves

    I've been dating this guy for almost two months. It's been pretty good, except the sex isn't really the best. I have this other male friend who has had a crush on me. Long story short: My friend made a move on me the other night. I told him I couldn't, and he knew why, but to be honest, I was insanely...

  • The Undercard: A non-wrestling fan engages with wrestling

    The Undercard: A non-wrestling fan engages with wrestling

    On Grantland, a writer named The Masked Man recently proclaimed that professional wrestling is more mainstream and popular than ever, thanks to major outlets (such as Grantland) taking it seriously, WWE's stars breaking through in both mixed-martial arts and Hollywood, and a culture of people embracing...

City Squeeze


City Squeeze: Long live City Paper

This is my last issue as City Paper's editor. After three years and two months with the paper, I resigned to take a position as director of strategic communications for the Open Society Institute–Baltimore. I'm more proud of the work we've done at City Paper than I am of anything else I've done...

Conflicts of Interest


Conflicts of Interest: Creating remarkable journalism

We report on things when we fail to understand, because we believe that, through reporting, we might come to some understanding. The murders over the last few months have been baffling to everyone. Of course, it is not without precedent either here or elsewhere. For whatever reason, sometimes people...

Field Tripping


Free Will Astrology


Free Will Astrology: 9/23/15

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You are destined to become a master of fire. It's your birthright to become skilled in the arts of kindling and warming and illuminating and energizing. Eventually you will develop a fine knack for knowing when it's appropriate to turn the heat up high, and when it's...

Hey Cabbie!


Hey Cabbie: Tired of this shit

Racial issues will be America’s downfall! She has to come to grips with the issue and lean toward equality, by showing it, expressing it, and by all means demonstrating it to the people. Concrete short- and long-term goals and solutions are an absolute must, not lip service, and not the giveaway...

Hot Fudge Wednesdays


Hot Fudge Wednesdays: Books: Why? Who Let You In Here?

Books. Everyone thinks they are so great, but what if they are actually bad? Many common misconceptions regarding books and book-related facts exist, and today is as good as any other hazel-eyed day to have one's mind utterly cast asunder, with walls of reality crashing downward as if under the...

It's Gianna Bitch


It's Gianna Bitch: Disney World makes me sick

Look, I get why the quarterback for the winning team at the Super Bowl yells “I’m going to Disney World” when he’s asked about what he plans to do after his big win. See, Disney World and organized sports are huge corporate entities that create recognizable brands and strong customer loyalty through...

Mr. Wrong


Mr. Wrong: All Mosbys are local

I'm not exactly sure about this—I mean, yeah, that's never stopped me before—but I do pretty well predicting the Politics, and I have never lost an Election Wager, and I am gonna go way out in front on this one, chronologically, and say that Nick Mosby, who is @councilmanmosby on the Twitter, and...

No Trivia


The Undercard


The Undercard: Don't change Oriole Park at Camden Yards

On Monday, the Baltimore Business Journal got the scoop that the Orioles are looking into making modifications to their stadium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and the changes are pretty major. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Angelos, son of majority owner Peter Angelos,...

Savage Love


Savage Love: Friends with Violations

I'm a 26-year-old single bi woman. Sometimes my roommate/best friend and I have drunken threesomes with men. We've had some great one-night stands (less scary with a friend!), but recently we slept with a man I've been (drunkenly) sleeping with over a period of months, my "friend with benefits."...



5 Orioles Facts and 5 Orioles Fictions

Fact: Despite all the injuries and inconsistencies, the Orioles are in first place. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Matt Wieters’ season would end in May, that 88 games into the season, J.J. Hardy would only have two homers, Chris Davis would be flirting with the Mendoza...