44th Legislative District
Location: The city portion of this city/county district, dubbed District 44A, runs roughly from the Upton and Harlem Park neighborhood west to the area between Frederick and Wilkins avenues out to the city line.

Demographics: Adult population of about 30,200, nearly 88 percent black and about nine percent white.


Incumbent Senator:

Verna Jones-Rodwell

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: $23,226.70

Background: Jones-Rodwell announced her retirement on April 20, after the Feb. 27 deadline for withdrawing as a primary-election candidate, so her name will appear on the ballot. The founder of the training-and-consulting firm Collaborative Solutions, she chairs the city's Senate delegation and the pensions subcommittee of the Budget and Taxation Committee, and is the Senate chair of joint committees on pensions and the management of public funds. As deputy majority whip, she helps wrangle legislators' votes on key bills. She was elected delegate in 1998, and has been a senator since ousting Clarence Mitchell IV in 2002.

Legislative record: Given her committee duties, Jones-Rodwell's successful bills often deal with state pensions and public-funds management, though her current term has also been marked by passage of measures to reform Baltimore City's liquor laws and bolster the state's public-health efforts.

Campaign finances: Among Jones-Rodwell's top benefactors since 2012 are Commercial Interiors ($6,125), the Hanover-based development company headed by Kevin Johnson; SEIU Maryland/DC State Council PAC ($5,000); and SEIU—NYS Political Action Fund ($4,000).


House Incumbents:

Keith E. Haynes

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: $22,940.88

Background: A deputy majority whip, Haynes helps keep his fellow legislators' votes in line with the leadership's priorities, and chairs the Health and Human Resources Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee. A personal-injury attorney with the Law Offices of Peter Angelos, he was first elected in 2002.

Legislative record: Haynes' successful bills this term required data collection about casino employees; sought to improve high-rise fire safety for the mobility-impaired; established a social-work scholarship named after the late state Del. Ruth Kirk; helped with pension benefits for state parole-and-probation retirees who are rehired; and ordered a study into whether to start an electronic reader pilot program for public-school students.

Campaign finances: Haynes' top re-election benefactors since 2012 include Armand Volta Jr. ($3,000), a fellow lawyer at the Angelos firm; the public-employees union AFSCME ($3,000); the healthcare and public-employees union SEIU ($2,000); and HFAM Nursing Home PAC ($1,500).


Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: $14,956.94