41st Legislative District
Location: A big chunk of the city's northwest corner, reaching east to Charles Street and south as far as Frederick Road.

Demographics: Adult population of almost 92,000, about 68 percent African-American and a little more than a quarter white.


Senate Incumbent:

Lisa Gladden

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: ($39,795.68)

Background: As the majority whip, the vice chair of the Senate Judicial Proceeding Committee (JPC), and the Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Welfare Reform, Gladden wrangles votes from her Democratic colleagues and helps manage the legislative fate of policy proposals before the JPC. After winning a delegate's seat in 1998, she ousted veteran state Sen. Barbara Hoffman in 2002. An assistant public defender in Baltimore City, she serves on the State's Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy.

Legislative record: Notable among Gladden's successful bills during her current term are measures to deter race-based traffic stops, improve police eyewitness-identification procedures, invalidate and destroy unexecuted warrants and other criminal-process documents, and restore correctional officers' positions and pay once they're acquitted of felony charges. A dog lover, Gladden also sponsored a passel of reforms intended to better the lives of pets.

Campaign finances: Top donors to Gladden's campaign since 2012 include Baltimore City assistant state's attorney Mark Floersheimer ($2,500), Realtors PAC ($1,500), BGE State PAC ($1,000), and SEIU Maryland/DC State Council PAC ($1,000). Also helping her is the Working Together Works for the 41st District Slate ($4,000), a campaign supporting the district's incumbents that has $512.65 on hand as of June 13. Despite her campaign's fundraising efforts, it has for years carried a negative balance.


House Incumbents:

Jill P. Carter

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: Not Available*

Background: An attorney at the Craig Law Group in Baltimore, Carter serves as chair of the juvenile-law subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee and sits on the state Task Force on Juvenile Court Jurisdiction, established after the passage of a bill she sponsored in 2013. First elected as delegate in 2003, she is the founder and president of the defunct Walter P. Carter Foundation, established in honor of her father, a Baltimore-based civil rights leader.

Legislative record: Carter's successful bills in her current term include measures to address child-custody issues, establish parent-or-guardian notification procedures when a minor is charged or arrested, set search protocols in missing-children cases, improve required police training, increase pay for Baltimore City Orphans' Court Judges, and give judges greater latitude to transfer criminal cases to juvenile court.

Campaign finances: Carter's re-election campaign has not raised or spent sufficient funds to require filing reports since 2012, and it failed to file a required report in late May, so if it has any financial backers, they remain undisclosed.


Nathaniel T. Oaks

Campaign cash on hand, as of June 13: $174,747.73