Bad Seeds

After Baltimore police officer Vincent Cosom apparently...

Murder Ink


Costello Goes To City Hall

Eric Costello was appointed to replace William Cole as the 11th District...

The Mail

Monumental Memories

The House that Mencken Built

As Mencken Day Approaches, We Stop To Reflect On The Legacy Of The Sage Of Baltimore

When the Sunpapers bought City Paper last spring, we were uncertain, to say the...

The Sage in Black and White

Was Mencken A Racist Or A Civil Rights Hero? Prof. Larry Gibson Offers An Answer

The Negro brain, Mencken wrote in 1910, “is not fitted for the higher forms...

More Mencken

Marion Elizabeth Rodgers Continues Her Lifelong Engagement with Mencken

As a student, Marion Elizabeth Rodgers was intending to write a master’s...

Mencken's Music

H.L. Mencken's Music Brought to Life by an Associate at the Pratt

H. L. Mencken was a lifelong musician. In his preface to “Happy Days,”...

Costello Goes To City Hall

Costello Goes To City Hall

Eric Costello was appointed to replace William Cole as the 11th District...

Put $4.5 Billion In Your Pipe

Baltimore Doubles Its Borrowing Cap For City Water And Sewer Service

The City Council Sept. 22 passed a bill that would more...

Late to the Party

David D'Amico Extradited From Colombia To Answer 2010 Federal Pot-Trafficking And Money-Laundering Indictment In Maryland

David D’Amico turned 50 a week before his Aug. 28 appearance in Maryland U.S....

Little Rouse On The Prairie

Steve Rouse, once local radio royalty, now rules the roost--literally

These days the radio airwaves are jammed with commercial...

In A Pickle

Autumn Provenzano Moves to Baltimore for Network Marketing, Finds Love . . . And a New Sport

Lightning strikes in the distance and gray clouds hang over...

Long Exposure

Morton Tadder Has Been Shooting Presidents, Pitchers, Performers, And Playboy Bunnies For Over 50 Years

This is the story of a photographer, a back injury, and the photographer’s...

Setting A Record

Record Collecting Isn't Just Jack Moore's Hobby, It's Part Of His Worldview

A lot of people say that they love music, but they don’t. Not really. Not...

Murder Ink


Murder Ink 9/24/14

The week tallied five confirmed homicides (authorities were awaiting autopsy results on a body found...

The Mail

Monumental Memories

The Mail 9/24/14

I saw with interest your cover story, ¿The House That Mencken Built¿ (Feature, Sept. 10). Here is...

The Mail 9/17/14

Best Reason we should invite you to the  City Paper Best of...

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