The Mail 9/17/14

The Mail 9/17/14

Best Reason we should invite you to theĀ  City Paper Best of...

Murder Ink 9/17/14


Mencken's Music

H. L. Mencken was a lifelong musician. In his preface to “Happy Days,”...

More Mencken

As a student, Marion Elizabeth Rodgers was intending to write a master’s...

The Sage in Black and White

The Negro brain, Mencken wrote in 1910, “is not fitted for the higher forms...


Wandering Eye: Celebrating a Fells Point savior, credit card bloodsuckers, and the latest from Ferguson

For those who had fun in Fells Point during the Star-Spangled Spectacular this past weekend,...

BPD Does What the British Could Not, Halts the Defense of Baltimore

Last night, as part of the Hampstead Hill Festival in Patterson...

Wandering Eye: Young Moose, Baltimore's best drugs, Energy Answers' incinerator, and more

Sometimes, it sucks when you get beat to the punch. We'd been talking about the arrest of rapper...

The Star-Spangled Spectacular is actually pretty bad ass

While it may not seem like the cool or hip thing to do, and something City Paper readers may...

The House that Mencken Built

As Mencken Day Approaches, We Stop To Reflect On The Legacy Of The Sage Of Baltimore

When the Sunpapers bought City Paper last spring, we were uncertain, to say the...

Camp 83

Camp 83

It’s a big house with no walls and cars on the roof. There’s a...

Super Fans to the Rescue

Super Fans to the Rescue

In the fifth inning at Camden Yards, the cameras leave the field and turn to the...

College Guide 2014

College Guide 2014

It’s a bizarre time for college kids. There’s no longer a set path laid...

Late to the Party

Late to the Party

David D’Amico turned 50 a week before his Aug. 28 appearance in Maryland U.S....

"We were just eviscerators"

State Autopsy Technicians Lawyer Up For Better Pay And Working Conditions

A dozen autopsy technicians who work at the Office of Chief State Medical Examiner have hired a...

Market Value

New Plans Aim to Change the Image, and Reality, of Lexington Market

Walk into Reading Terminal Market, an enclosed public market in downtown Philadelphia, and you'll...

Baltimore Police "Transparency" On Use Of Force Leaves Something To Be Desired

As the fallout from the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri reverberates, City...

Long Exposure

Long Exposure

This is the story of a photographer, a back injury, and the photographer’s...

Setting A Record

Setting A Record

A lot of people say that they love music, but they don’t. Not really. Not...

Get Rhythm

Get Rhythm: Carlas Holt Practices the Time-Honored Art of the Shoeshine

The arms of Carlas Holt move like gears as he uses a thick, wood-handled brush to spread the...

Music Man

Music Man

Instruments cover the crowded walls of Ted’s Music. Late-afternoon sunlight...

The Mail 9/17/14

Best Reason we should invite you to theĀ  City Paper Best of...

The Mail 9/10/14

Reading Between the Lines

The Mail 9/3/14


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