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  • Listening Party: Warehouse, "The Destruction"

    Listening Party: Warehouse, "The Destruction"

    Baltimore is a place where eccentrics have an unusually strong sense of community, forming musical alliances around a shared sense of individuality. So when someone in the city appears out of the ether like a true outsider, it’s impressive, as though they’ve had to put in more effort to be truly...

  • Listening Party: Todd Cage, "Screwed Down (Vol. 1)"

    Listening Party: Todd Cage, "Screwed Down (Vol. 1)"

    Earl Sweartshirt’s bipolar 2013 single ‘Burgundy’ rides a wobbly symphonic beat as Sweatshirt darts from downer introspection to defensive scowl. As remixed by Todd Cage on “Screwed Down (Vol. 1),” that lumbering rhythm is lithiumed into a slow stagger, the lyrics’ tension accentuated by an ear-piercing...

  • Listening Party: Jon Camp, "Earwig"

    Listening Party: Jon Camp, "Earwig"

    Recorded in Baltimore by guitarist and vegan activist Jon Camp of Kensington, Maryland, “Earwig” consists of eight unruffled tracks in just 11 minutes (it fits on one side of a 12-inch, which is how this delightful little record is packaged), with each tiny instrumental evoking a different mood,...

  • Listening Party: Various Artists, "Mutant Trax Volume 1"

    Listening Party: Various Artists, "Mutant Trax Volume 1"

    Calling a song “catchy” usually means it’s got a springy melody or a big soaring hook, and in hip-hop and EDM right now, a phrase said over and over again until it is crammed into listeners’ heads by force of repetition (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Really though, “catchy” just entails...

  • Jason Crumer, "Disqualifier"

    Listening Party: Jason Crumer, "Disqualifier"

    If you're listening to Jason Crumer albums without quality headphones, you¿re doing it wrong. The Baltimore-based noise artist¿s catalog teems with eldritch nuance that rewards close listening.

  • Ami Dang, "In Auspices"

    Listening Party: Ami Dang, "In Auspices"

    The flustered breathlessness that¿s greeted FKA twigs' "LP1" is enough to make you think Tricky isn¿t still active. Not hating--twigs' `Two Weeks' simmers with as much combustible lust as anything off 'Maxinquaye'--but her glitch-pitched rhythms and vocal anomie can sound like a perfectly timed...