Rock Since the BeeGees

• The Metro Gallery recently announced an Aug. 23 show with Kiwi indie-rock greats The Clean. If you still need a bit of an education on the influential New Zealand garage-rock band, be sure to swing by a record store on July 15 to snag a copy of the four-LP reissue of Anthology, a collection of the group's early work. Then get your tickets, which are already on sale and bound to sell out.

• Mt. Royal, the local five-piece comprised of members of Big In Japan and Celebration we wrote about back in January when they released their first EP, is already recording again, as evidenced by Facebook dispatches of lipstick-splotched lyrics sheets and studio drum takes. On the subject of Celebration (pictured), the psychedelic-rock mainstays recently announced a new LP, Albumin, due out Aug. 19, according to Stereogum, which also premiered a video for the single "Tomorrow's Here Today." Albumin comes out via Bella Union, which, not surprisingly, is also the label of Mt. Royal.

• Over at A.V. Club, local duo Wye Oak committed their excellent cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" to video for the series A.V. Club Undercover. Astute City Paper readers may note the series is sponsored by Geico, the auto insurance company we previously raked over the coals for producing a web video on the Baltimore music scene that claimed Baltimore, in fact, had no music scene and borrowed the services of D.C. band Shark Week. There will be no such raking here. For anyone calling hypocrisy, we'd like to note that Geico's sponsorship is not the same as parachuting into town and masquerading as journalists and/or documentarians. And hey, this is actually a great representation of what makes Baltimore's music scene great.

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