Bangers and Thrash

Now that festival season is (mostly) over, one would be forgiven for assuming that the calendar would be less packed with great shows, but that's not the case. The Sidebar continues in its recent trend of being the go-to place for intimate yet sick metal shows, with Shitfucker, Occult 45, and Universal Remonster on Thursday, June 12. The following night, Sabbath tribute act Bastards of Reality headline a cover band night at Metro Gallery: Expect to see Thin Lizzy, Misfits, and Sepultura invoked. Closing the weekend out on June 14 are two shows: a rager at Soundstage with DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Carnifex and others; and a show at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus with classic NWOBHM band Grim Reaper.

• Midweek gets heavy with road warriors Jucifer performing at Metro Gallery on June 16 and legendary 70s/80s metal band Trouble playing with doom vets Iron Man the next night at Cafe 611 in Frederick.

• The Pilgrim is among the bands playing a free release show at Holy Frijoles on June 19 for Black Lung's self-titled album, which came out June 3 on Grimoire Records. Just a few days later, the similarly-named-but-different Pilgrim plays Metro Galley with Age of Taurus and Iron Man on June 24.

• If you want to try your hand at singing for your favorite punk band, the Ottobar is hosting punk karaoke on June 21 with a live band prepared to help you belt out the classics. Whatever version of "My War" that gets played will probably be more legit than whoever Greg Ginn is calling Black Flag these days could pull off.

• Hardcore punk legend Jello Biafra plays the Ottobar on June 29, backed by Negative Approach and local feminist punks War On Women.

• America's hardest working sludge metal band, Thou, is barnstorming the U.S. in July along with Rhode Island's The Body—performing not only a collaborative set with both bands each night of the tour but often also playing a "solo" Thou matinee show. On July 3 they will perform as Thou at Empire in Richmond, and then drive to D.C. for a collaborative set at The Pinch (alongside Pygmy Lush and Jail Solidarity). The next day they'll play a Thou day set at the Sidebar with Curse and Wet Brain, then hightail it to Philly to play an evening collaborative show. After the Thou show, the Sidebar is throwing a July 4th bash that begins at 4 p.m. featuring Vilkacis, Dendritic Arbor, Nuclear Hellfrost, Musket Hawk, and many more.

• The Sidebar is hosting a benefit show, True Templar of Doom, on July 12 for the family of Jason McCash (bass player for The Gates of Slumber) who recently passed away. Earthride, Pale Divine and more are playing.

• It's hard to keep track of which version of classic Italian prog band Goblin is touring at any given moment, but one billed as "Claudio Simonetti's Goblin" is performing the entirety of the Dawn of the Dead score at the Ottobar on July 14 with Hate Eternal. This author was present at a different version of Goblin's show there, and it was incredible. Hopefully this can reach those heights.

• Ending this month's column with sweat and ringing ears is the third annual Ratscape Baltimore, a three-day celebration of the city's loudest and dirtiest bands that runs July 18 to 20, the same days as Artscape. Too many to mention them all here, but highlights include Noisem, Curse, Big Mouth, and ADVLTS. It goes down, as usual, at Hour Haus. Bring a towel.

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