• 'Do Not Resist': Scrutinizing police militarization

    'Do Not Resist': Scrutinizing police militarization

    "Do Not Resist" opens on Ferguson, Missouri, days after Michael Brown was shot to death. As crowds of protesters march and mill, the camera lingers on camouflage-clad cops carrying rifles and scanning the scene with binoculars from atop what looks like a tank. The tank is an MRAP, a large, armored...

  • 'Miles Ahead' says 'so what?' to the music biopic

    'Miles Ahead' says 'so what?' to the music biopic

    Biopics generally suck. Authenticity is difficult when you're distilling a historical figure's real life into a two-hour movie with a conventional character arc and three-act structure of Hollywood. "Walk Hard's" scorched-earth satire of screenwriting 101 checklist movies like "Ray" and "Walk The...


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'No Home Movie': Chantal Akerman's final film

While the USC Shoah Foundation is spending god knows how much on 3-D holograms of oral testimony from Holocaust survivors for future generations, as of 2016, tens of thousands of survivors—in Israel of all places—are living in poverty. The Foundation isn't entirely responsible, that's a failing,...

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Gamer's Grammar: 'Fallout 4' asks what would Rick Grimes build?

Westerns are called Westerns for a reason. The genre revels in its environment as much as it does its characters and plot. In some ways, the environment is the main character—often times trying to kill the protagonist with scorching heat. Local award-winning game studio Bethesda Softworks understands...