Trinacria Italian Cafe

111 W. Center St., (443) 759-4082

If anyone can save the seemingly cursed space beneath the Gallery Tower Apartments at the corner of Park and Center, it is the family behind Trinacria, the 106-year-old deli a few blocks away on Paca. And though it's hardly been open for a week, their new cafe is off to a roaring start. The cafe has all your old favorites from the deli-cold subs, hot sandwiches, and paninis. And as always, they are generous with the meat, and this is especially true of the breakfast sandwiches. We got a prosciutto, provolone, and scrambled egg sandwich on a croissant ($4.95) and the prosciutto would have made three sandwiches at most places. But the big news here is the pizza. One of the truly great things about Trinacria is their bread, so it is no surprise that the pizza crust is perfect, thin and crispy, with just the right touch of doughy-ness. We got a few: the Mediterranean ($10.75), the Skinny ($8.95), and the Sweet and Salty ($8.95) and all three were defined by fresh, delicious ingredients. It's hard to say which we liked best-the Mediterranean with the fresh goat cheese, or the Sweet and Salty with the caramelized onions and the salty prosciutto, but we can say we have a new favorite pizza joint. We're just worried that it's a little too close to work for our own good. At least they don't carry wine at the cafe, or we'd be fat and drunk.