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Brokeass Gourmet: Tempeh Bacon

They say there's nothing like falling in love for the first time; the excitement, the magic of connection, the rush of hormones—when you've never felt it before, it overtakes you, like liquor on the lips of someone who's never been drunk. I remember the first time it happened to me, as a 17-year-old...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Cauliflower Tortillas

    Brokeass Gourmet: Cauliflower Tortillas

    I recently heard about cauliflower tortillas, and knew I had to try them. Three perfect batches later, I can attest, this recipe is phenomenal. Whether you're into eating paleo or primal, or you are just looking for a way to get more fiber and vegetables into your diet, these tortillas are a must-try....

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Watermelon Salad Pizza

    Brokeass Gourmet: Watermelon Salad Pizza

    Watermelon feta salad is a favorite of mine. It may seem weird to the uninitiated to combine creamy, salty feta cheese with juicy, sweet melon, but the stark contrast of the flavors works phenomenally well together. Just as watermelon is balanced gorgeously when served with savory grilled steak,...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Three-ingredient strawberry frozen yogurt

    Brokeass Gourmet: Three-ingredient strawberry frozen yogurt

    I worry. I worry about the physical and emotional health of the people I love. I worry about the future, both near and far, mine and yours. I worry that the path I have chosen is flawed. I worry that, actually, it is perfect, that it is I who is flawed. I worry about those flaws. And worry, and...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Marinated Goat Cheese

    Brokeass Gourmet: Marinated Goat Cheese

    I live for food TV. Ted Allen on “Chopped” is reason enough to spring for cable (or, um, to ask sweetly to “borrow” your parents’ Comcast login). You can keep your Angelina Jolies and Brad Pitts—the celebrities who make my heart skip are the Alex Guarnaschellis, Tom Colicchios, and Michael Voltaggios...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Mushroom Bacon

    Brokeass Gourmet: Mushroom Bacon

    I was a vegetarian from early childhood until about six years ago (a long story involving the Sonoma County Fair’s petting zoo and an ill-timed slice of pepperoni pizza). Even today, though I do enjoy meat, the person I share most of my meals with keeps kosher, so it’s just easier to cook predominantly...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Cherry Pepper Romesco Sauce

    Brokeass Gourmet: Cherry Pepper Romesco Sauce

    I resolve to cook more in 2015. I know that sounds absurd, since you are reading my column all about cooking, but hear me out.  I want to cook more, better, and more deeply in 2015. I want to eat real, whole, lovingly prepared food, even when I’m tired. Even when I’ve been in meetings and on airplanes...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Acorn Squash Stuffed with Kale, Cranberries, and Goat Cheese

    Brokeass Gourmet: Acorn Squash Stuffed with Kale, Cranberries, and Goat Cheese

    There’s something essentially comforting to me about harvest time. Beyond soul-satisfying fall foods like butternut squash soup, pumpkin mac and cheese, and roasted root vegetables, harvest serves as a yearly reminder that there is much in this world that is a whole lot bigger than I am. That,...

  • Brokeass Gourmet: Tandoori-style roast chicken

    Brokeass Gourmet: Tandoori-style roast chicken

    Tandoor ovens, perhaps best known for their role in cooking naan and tandoori chicken and fish, are a mainstay in Indian and Pakistani homes and restaurants. They get extremely hot and are used to quickly cook food, often charring it a bit in the most pleasant of ways. I don’t have one in my tiny...

  • Chickpea-Flour Flatbread

    Chickpea-Flour Flatbread

    I tend to develop crushes on ingredients. Sweet potatoes, kale, coconut milk, avocados, and chicken thighs have all been my jam (come to think of it, jam, too, has been my jam). Well, the latest stud on my culinary dance card is none other than chickpea flour, also known as besan or gram flour...

  • Pumpkin Challah

    Pumpkin Challah

    I know it’s sort of trite, but my favorite thing about autumn is the omnipresence of pumpkin and pumpkin-infused treats. I love brown-butter pumpkin mac and cheese. I love curried pumpkin pizza.  And, though it technically doesn’t contain pumpkin, I love pumpkin spice lattes (provided I make them...

  • Strawberry Balsamic Jam

    Strawberry Balsamic Jam

    As summer begins to wind down and the nights start to get cooler, I find myself already feeling wistful for easy summer living: flowy sundresses, refreshing seasonal beers, and fresh, beautiful summer fruit, at the peak of ripeness. Pretty soon it will be too cold to wear those sundresses and,...

  • Chilled Yellow-Tomato Soup with Mint and Yogurt

    Chilled Yellow-Tomato Soup with Mint and Yogurt

    Confession: I bought a bunch of beautiful, fragrant yellow tomatoes last weekend at the farmers market and promptly forgot about them. I should really be punished—seriously, it’s a crime against summer produce. They should have been eaten immediately, at room temperature, drizzled with extra-virgin...

  • Parmesan Zucchini Fries

    Parmesan Zucchini Fries

    Crispy, salty French fries seem to be de rigeur in late-night diners, but, to tell the truth, I can take or leave regular French fries (sweet potato fries are different—I pretty much always take those, but they’re hard to find in most diners). That said, I’ll take a plate of zucchini fries any...

  • Health Freak Sushi

    Health Freak Sushi

    As things in my life get more and more hectic, I'm finding myself gravitating more and more toward simple, fresh, healthy foods at the end of the day. These sushi rolls are made with nutty brown rice, which is better for you than white rice, but also better tasting, as far as I'm concerned. I used...

  • Spiced Plantain Tacos

    Spiced Plantain Tacos

    Summer food should not be over-thought.

  • Chicken Broth

    Chicken Broth

    You know how much I love a good roast chicken

  • Ricotta Meatballs

    Ricotta Meatballs

    Throwing these together is almost as easy as ordering a burrito, and the payoff is much greater.

  • Guinness Mac and Cheese

    Guinness Mac and Cheese

    Beer and cheddar have such an affinity for one another-the sour punch of the beer plays gorgeously with the nutty tang of the cheddar

  • Hot Buttered Pretzels

    Hot Buttered Pretzels

    Hard pretzels don't really do much for me. Sure, they're oft-lauded as a great healthy snack, but honestly, I'd rather have a bowl of kale. Even the peanut butter-filled kind, while marginally better than plain ones, leave me unsatisfied-not to mention thirsty. But soft, buttery pretzels, hot out...