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  • Baltimore Beer Baron: Is 2015 the year of the can?

    Baltimore Beer Baron: Is 2015 the year of the can?

    2015 might be the Year of the Can in Baltimore. Once a matter of great debate, it has been emphatically decided that canned craft beer is here to stay. No matter where you stand on craft being distributed in aluminum vessels, the War on Cans is over and the cans won. Last week, I spoke to a few...

  • Baltimore Beer Baron: Meet the Beer Baroness of Canton

    City Paper is Baltimore’s Booziest Alternative Weekly, so instead of writing about the usual suspects—bar owners and brewers—I want to get to the core and focus on a real-life imbiber this month. Allow me to introduce you to the Beer Baroness of Canton. She doesn’t own a brewery or a bar, nor has...

  • Three Months of Beer

    Three Months of Beer

    I've got a lot of ground to cover in 600 words, hopheads. August: Union's Second Birthday Bash From what I remember, it was a hell of a party at Union Craft Brewing's Second Anniversary on Aug. 9 at the brewery in Woodberry. About 550 people came out to toast the milestone and were rewarded with...

  • Filling the World('s) Cup With Beer

    Filling the World('s) Cup With Beer

    With all the international competition brewing at the World Cup in Brazil, it reminded me of Baltimore’s own ambassador to the beer world, my friend Brian Strumke. Strumke’s line of Stillwater Artisanal Ales finally reached Asia and South America this year. He’s come a long way from cooking up...