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In Baltimore, your water bill will soon be private. That’s good, right?

An online tool that allows anyone to look up the water bill of any city address is going to be shut down, city officials say, as a new water billing system is implemented. 

"I think everybody has a question about privacy," says Kurt Kocher, a spokesman for the Department of Public Works, which administers the site.

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Police killings in the county, across the country and the fight for housing equity—it's all connected

When two Baltimore County police officers arrived at 21-year-old Tawon Boyd's Middle River home on Sept. 18, something was wrong with him.

According to the police report, Boyd told the responding officer that he thought his girlfriend had done something to make him intoxicated, and that someone else was inside of his home.

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In This Week's City Paper: Sinkholes, water bills, and more

Over the spring and summer, sinkholes continued to crop up around Baltimore at a somewhat alarming rate. Contributing editor Baynard Woods took a long look at the problem and the history of Baltimore's sewer system and its history of recent problems. Along with that comes a story on the winners and losers of the recent water bill hike.

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The National Museum of African American History and Culture tells stories that shape all our lives

The Baltimore area is blessed with a multitude of African-American history museums and heritage sites. We've got Great Blacks in Wax, the Lewis Museum, Benjamin Banneker Historical Park, the Eubie Blake Cultural Center, and the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Meyers Maritime Park, just to name a few.

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Someone revived the Baltimore Gazette to spread fake news

The Baltimore Gazette, a newspaper that existed very briefly just after the Civil War, has returned online as a site to spread fake news stories and other nonsense. 

One article in particular, "ATLANTA OFFICER KILLS BLACK WOMAN, INJURES CHILD, FOLLOWING BREASTFEEDING ARGUMENT," caught the attention of the online sleuths at after it apparently went viral. Search "Baltimore Gazette" on Facebook

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People are anxious about attendance at Orioles games

It's late September and the Baltimore Orioles are in the thick of the playoff race. So where is everybody? That's the question fans are working through as rows and rows of green seats remain unoccupied during critical games, including the current series against the Boston Red Sox.

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