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The Republican National Convention Day Four: Trump didn't give a speech he gave a yell, RevCom protests flag burning arrests, visiting the site of Tamir Rice's shooting, more

Around 7:30 p.m., members of Revolutionary Communist Party marched for the 18 members of their group that were arrested on Wednesday during an American flag burning.

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The Republican National Convention Day Three: The RNC’s production of “Make America Great Again,” directed by Donald J. Trump

The RNC's production of "Make America Great Again," directed by Donald J. Trump and written by a rambling mass of "ordinary Americans" and a few politicians, features a dazzling ensemble of actors who deliver performances so powerful one almost thinks they're real.

In the world premiere of this comedy, set in a large three-ring circus, God (played by Donald J.

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The Republican National Convention Day Three: RNC Smackdown, the spectacle of open carry, flag burning, and more

In professional wrestling, the "heel" is the villain who gets booed by the audience, absorbing all the hate and making the "face," the hero, look better. And last night on the RNC stage, Ted Cruz had his heel moment as delegates on the floor jeered and hissed at the Texas senator and former Republican candidate for president.

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The Republican National Convention Day Two: Portrait of a MD Delegate for Trump

The RNC convention—and by extension the Republican Party these days—is a giant puzzle.

I'm particularly flummoxed by those who speak like Democrats, vote like Republicans, and selectively navigate the rhetoric to cheer Trump. I question them trying to suss out what moves and motivates them. What aspects of Trump resonate? What facts must they ignore?

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In This Week's City Paper: The Queer Issue

Pride is almost here, and while the LGBTQ community will no doubt celebrate, the pain that came with the shooting of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida will no doubt be in the back of everyone's minds. With that in mind, we wrote a story looking at the way LGBTQ leaders have to work with police while also being worried the police target them.

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Liquor Board failing to do basic parts of its job, says audit

Three years after a scathing audit which led to a shake-up of the state agency, Baltimore City's Board of Liquor License Inspectors still lacks comprehensive written policies and procedures, an audit has found. 

Among the 18 findings in the 76-page report: The liquor board failed to collect $76,000 in license fees from the Horseshoe Casino.

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