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DeRay Mckesson begins run for mayor, with experience on state Sen. Ferguson's campaign to draw on

Two days after his last-minute entry into the Baltimore mayoral race made national headlines, DeRay Mckesson is already at work assembling a team in his bid for City Hall.

A couple hundred people have already offered to vounteeer, he says, and resumes are pouring in from across the city. An online crowd-funding campaign on the website Crowdpac has already put close to $50,000 in his coffers.

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Warnock's Horatio Alger moment: Candidate launches 'Turnaround Tour' with old pickup

There are 16 Warnock people gathered 'round a small lectern on the uneven sidewalk on this narrow one-way rowhouse street. They're loitering on the red brick stoop in front of #435 while a young woman coaches them. "When I clap, you all clap," she tells them enthusiastically. "And if you hear something that's really good, and you want to keep going . . . " The campaign supporters laugh with her.

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Baltimore's very real problems make for punchline in WaPo travel blog

Hey there Washingtonian, thinking of listening to a new ad blitz attempting to lure you to Baltimore? Well, you better be careful, because if you move, you'll probably get shot—or so says Fredrick Kunkle in his Washington Post travel blog "Tripping."

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Roots & Branches charter will remain open, but public school closures loom large

Last night the Baltimore City school board voted to renew Roots & Branches charter school for another three years. It was a victory for the parents and teachers working to save their progressive elementary, though many other local schools were not so lucky.

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A night at the station: waiting out the blizzard at Penn Station

Penn Station offers three oases: newsstand, Dunkin Donuts, and Java Moon Café. All closed. The station itself shuts down from 11:59 p.m. to 3 a.m., but when our train pulled into Baltimore's heaviest snowfall, near midnight last Saturday, the Amtrak officer said he wouldn't kick us out.

Good to know. Still, it took me a while to grasp that I'd be spending the night in the station.

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Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? A new poll will decide

Public Policy Polling, a very real polling organization that typically deals in, well, public policy, will take the pulse of the American public to see whether or not citizens think Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is elite.

The whole "Is Joe Flacco elite?"

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