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Cop decked, video posted, commissioner reacts: 'We have to talk about it.'

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you are one of Baltimore's aggravated street lunatics. You are carrying on, swearing, maybe gesticulating wildly, muttering or screaming, implicitly and/or explicitly threatening anybody who can see and hear you. As one does.

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has a message for you.

"We can't just walk by that," Davis said in a press conference.

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'The Boys of Hampden' pose for charity calendars

When people picture calendar models, they think of 12 vaguely sexist photos of women in provocative poses—the kind of calendar hung up in a men's locker room or garage. This year a group of Hampden men are looking to turn that idea on its ear.

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Wandering Eye: Sparrows Point workers get screwed again, Nacho Mama's threatens a move, and more

The Brew's Mark Reutter, who is the preeminent expert on the shitty, shitty plutocratic shitheads who consecutively owned and looted Bethlehem Steel, weighed in Tuesday with this news: Several thousand former steelworkers who got their pensions ripped off by the hedge-fund corporate-raider asshole Ira Rennert will get about $1,400 each after a lawsuit by the Pension benefit Guaranty Corp was settled

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Tensions rise at City Council discussion of charter-school funding

A large crowd of charter advocates convened at City Hall last night wearing orange T-shirts that read #SAVE THE CHARTERS BMORE. The City Council was discussing a resolution to withdraw a charter funding proposal that had already been withdrawn. The district's proposal, introduced on Sept. 8, was scrapped on Sept. 22.

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Wandering Eye: A recipe for 'fucking bacon jalapeño mac and cheese,' remembering Chantel Akerman, and more

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a $1.9 million fine against a commercial drone operator on Oct. 6, saying SkyPan, a Chicago-based company that uses drones to survey real estate development sites, operated "in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger lives or property."

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We posed questions to the stakeholders in the charter-school funding debate. Here are their answers

After we published some questions for the school district and charter operators involved in a lawsuit over funding, representatives from both parties decided to answer. Alison Perkins-Cohen, the executive director of New Initiatives for the school district who has been working closely on charter funding, spoke on behalf of the school district.

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