Faked drug-dog certification puts Baltimore drug-money forfeiture at risk

Early last year, the U.S. Supreme Court elevated the legal status of drug-detecting dogs, ruling that a police search can be presumed lawful if it is predicated on a positive...

Remembering Nelson Carey

When I first met Nelson Carey I was broke and unemployed. I had...

Hampdenfest is back on, organizers say

After facing cancellation because of a conflicting date with the Star-Spangled Spectacular downtown, Hampdenfest, the longtime street fair held on The Avenue, is back on, pushed from its original date of Sept. 13 to Sept. 20.

Grand Cru owner Nelson Carey dies of a heart attack

Nelson Carey, the owner of the Grand Cru bar in Belvedere Square died of a heart attack last night. He was 50 years old.

Hopkins settles Levy allegations for $190 million

Johns Hopkins Hospital agreed to pay former patients of Dr. Nikita Levy, and their lawyers, $190 million to settle allegations of sexual misconduct by the gynecologist.

In a letter to supporters, the GLCCB pleads for help, says Pride Festival is in danger

In a letter released before a GLCCB townhall meeting, the interim executive director of the leading center for the city's LGBTQ residents called the gay community and its allies "detached, indifferent, and apathetic" and said that the ...

Criminal Justice Blogger calls it quits

Page Croyder, the former city prosecutor who lost her primary challenge targeting Circuit Court Judge Alfred Nance, says she's done with her Criminal Justice Blog.

Study: East Coast flooding increasing

Reuters, the wire service, is in the midst of a big data project looking at flooding on the East Coast. Today they published their first bit...

"Trigger Happy"

On June 30, 2014, the Baltimore City Police Department released a video to celebrate surpassing 50,000 followers on the social media site Twitter. Holding signs reading ¿50,000,¿ officers from many of the department¿s sections danced and...

Sympathy for the plagiarist

Plagiarism is charged too often and to no good end. The rules are more strict because of the technology that itself is disseminated and at times created by plagiarism.

David Simon was totally NOT fired

David Simon writes about being libeled by the Huffington Post and an academic author.

Baltimore stevedores' union sued for payment of illegal-strike award

Last fall, a brief strike by Local 333 of the International Longshoremen's Association shut down operations at the Seagirt and Dundalk marine terminals in Baltimore, affecting commerce for numerous shippers. When an arbitrator ruled the...

The 2014 Baltimore City primary election results: the "City Paper" skinny

With 294 out of 296 precincts reporting, and absentee and provisional ballots not yet counted, today’s results of yesterday’s Baltimore City primary elections are preliminary and based on what appears to have been a dismal...

We Voted--12,500 Times

When I first saw the kid pushing the hand truck loaded with a stack of cardboard boxes across Conway Street towards the Lee Street entrance to Oriole Park I thought he might have worked for one of the souvenir street vendors outside...

State's Attorney accused of conflict of interest

Janice Bledsoe says she was completely surprised when Baltimore State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein told her on the morning of August 6, 2012, that she had five minutes to decide whether to resign or be fired. "Gregg and I used to joke all the...

WaPo reports on America's Craziest Drone Accidents

Using the Freedom of Information Act, The Washington Post

Checking in with Heather Mizeur on her frantic final push to election day

Heather Mizeur at Spro in Hampden. Notice the empty coffee cup. (Photo by J.M. Giordano)[/caption] Early voting has ended and all that's left in the primaries is Election Day on Tuesday, June 24th. City Paper caught up with upstart...

Maryland Internet-gambling investigation snags Electracash CEO D. Lee Falls

Daward Lee Falls, the CEO of bankrupt payment-processor Electracash, was charged yesterday in Maryland U.S. District Court with money laundering in connection with illegal...

Operation CeaseFire is Back! (Yet again!)

Yesterday's dual city council meetings were both yawners; the new budget passed with only Councilman Carl Stokes voting "nay," as usual. ("Too few dollars for youth opportunities, too many dollars for law enforcement," he said afterward....

Baltimore City liquor board gets a new chairman: 87-year-old former judge Thomas Ward

Former Baltimore City Circuit Court judge Thomas Ward, an 87-year-old who retired in the bench in 1997, after having served in the 1960s as a Baltimore City Councilman and in the 1950s as a Baltimore Sun reporter, has been named as...

Why poverty stayed flat over three decades of strong economic growth

Building on several in-progress campaigns to raise the minimum wage and expand unions, the Economic Policy Institute released a study yesterday showing how,...

The Money Game: the latest campaign-finance figures in Baltimore's legislative district races

The most recent round of campaign finance reports for Baltimore City's 12 legislative-district races – a Senate and House race in each of the six districts - were due late May at the Maryland...

At the intersection of art and controversy, Mr. Wrong

Mr. Wrong in all his fist-shaking glory.[/caption] City Paper staffers and fans across the nation were surprised and delighted last night to see the Mr. Wrong Show pilot on Fox. Actually it was a random "man-on-the-street" encounter for a...

Video of the 26th St. collapse as it happened

This video of the collapse of 26th Street, between St. Paul and Charles Streets yesterday, was taken by Nick Ybarra-Reyes and posted to YouTube

O'Malley's Reddit appearance goes about as well as expected

O'Malley's AMA: Not pretty[/caption] Governor Martin O'Malley followed the well-trod path to Presidential Viability this morning with an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on the highly-relevant web discussion site Reddit. As anyone might have...

Cordish fights racism allegations in Kansas City

It's not every day that a company sues a lawyer for defamation, and rarer still that the suit alleges defamation that allegedly occurred as part of a legal filing. But Baltimore-based Cordish Co. has done that in Kansas City, according to a...

Hopkins alum behind secret $13b Charity

A Hopkins grad and his two business partners have for two decades been giving away about 13 billion dollars¿for everything from Huntington's Disease research to the rights of land mine victims; the liberal Project Vote's Sanford Newman to...

The red knots are coming! Migrating shore birds' annual invasion of Delmarva is beginning

The time has come for mid-Atlantic fans of the red knot, a migratory shore bird that is proposed for endangered status under the federal Endangered Species Act, to head out to watch the birds feed on horseshoe crab eggs and the like at...

Baltimore parking: It's either really great or really terrible, say visiting writers

Parking in Baltimore is either a shangri-la of open pavement that leaves writers from much busier metropolises dumbfounded in its availability or a clusterfuck of cars that signifies the city is following in the footsteps of America's mecca...

Finances in race for Baltimore sheriff get interesting

The latest campaign-finance reports filed by Democrats in the race for Baltimore sheriff show long-time incumbent John Anderson having the highest cash balance, with one...

Councilmania: Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothin'

By the time the "no youth curfew" chant rang out from the balcony, last night's city council meeting was already one of the stranger ones in recent memory. Consider the Food Truck bill. For several months city officials have worked with...

Exelon to buy PEPCO—what's the deal?

The merger of PEPCO into Exelon, announced Wednesday, would consolidate some 2 million of Maryland's electric...

Shake Shack is coming to Baltimore

Shake Shack, the New York-based burger joint that has also become a favorite in Washington, D.C., is opening its first Baltimore location, at 400 E. Pratt St., according to a tweet from Downtown Partnership president Kirby Fowler.

Gold Bar to close at the end of May

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