'Enjoy The Ride'? On the case of the provocative paddy wagon sign (UPDATED)

The words on the back door of the Baltimore Police paddy wagon read: "Enjoy your ride cuz we sure will!" A photo depicting the sign went up on Angelina Novak's Facebook page a little after 3 p.m. Tuesday. "YES IT IS REAL," Novak wrote in the introduction.

But is it really?

UPDATE: Yes, it is. City Paper spoke to the photographer, who doesn't want her name published, and obtained the original digital...

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Wandering Eye: Recycling still a money loser, is 'relentlessly gay' note a hoax?, and more

Recycling has been a money loser for years now, despite efficiencies and economies of scale. Here The Washington Post's Aaron Davis unwraps the story in a visit of the big recycling center in Elkridge, which takes (among many others) Baltimore City's "single stream" recycling. "In fact, almost every facility like it in the country is running in the red. And Waste Management and other recyclers say...

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City plans to demolish Perkins Homes, neighbors just finding out

Baltimore Housing is planning to demolish and redevelop the Perkins Homes, the city's oldest public housing project, into a mixed-income project that will take a decade to complete and may cost $300 million. 

The department has already chosen a developer—a company associated with Bethesda-based Clark Construction, one of the country's largest builders with more than 4,000 employees. In April, Baltimore...

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Group opposed to RoFo in Hamilton wins new hearing with testimony

Opponents of a new Royal Farms in Hamilton won a significant victory last night, when the Baltimore City Municipal Zoning and Appeals Board (BMZA) agreed to delay approval and scheduled a Sept. 22 hearing to get more input from the community.

John Murphy, counsel for the group opposed to the convenience store, No RoFo Hamilton, successfully argued that a new meeting should be held that allows the...

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Wandering Eye: Coercion in the modeling world, 'smart' toothbrushes, and more

New Republic published a piece this week by Jennifer Sky, who starred in the campy science-fiction series "Cleopatra 2525," on some of the coercion she experienced as a teenage model. "When I was 16 years old, I was brought to Mexico, given drugs, and was coerced into being photographed topless. I had been hired to model for a successful tanning product company called California Tan. I was a teenager...

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Mayor to 'review' the city's Confederate statues

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake today announced the creation of a "special commission to review all of Baltimore’s Confederate statues and historical assets."

"I believe it is important for us to take a thoughtful, reasoned approach to these Confederate-era monuments, rather than rush to simply 'tear them down' or 'keep them up' in the heat of the moment," she said in a statement. "A special commission,...

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