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Property damage, pepper spray-soaked protesters, and out of control police eclipse inaugural parade
Trump Inauguration: Trump's speech offers red meat for supporters, but few details

A gray sky hung over the Capitol ahead of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of Trump's supporters, many wearing the trademark red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap or some form of red-white-and-blue attire with the name "TRUMP" in big letters.

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FORCE and Luminous Interventions, in a "coastal collaboration" with Oakland's Disclose, protest Trump with projections on the eve of the inauguration

Away from the thrum of armed-and-armored police, out-and-proud "deplorables," and fervid anti-Trump activists, Baltimore-based art activist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture offered up a meditative act of protest last night.

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Booze News crowdfunds its way back

The Community Law Center has announced that its "Booze News" liquor board watchblog has been saved. 

The long-running blog, which has produced much of the journalism about the politically important Baltimore City Liquor Board for the past several years, was de-funded last fall by the Abell Foundation. 

There were, of course, whispers of conspiracy, but everyone involved agreed in the end that the

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DOJ, city announce agreement on consent decree

After an eleventh-hour scramble to reach an agreement before president-elect Donald J. Trump takes the White House, the City of Baltimore has finalized a consent decree with the Department of Justice to implement sweeping, historic police reforms.

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On the scene as Obama bids farewell

CHICAGO—The scene at the McCormick Place convention center was like a rock concert. Crowds descended on this gargantuan place by the Lake Michigan shore, many of them outwardly giddy about their luck in getting a ticket. A space with restaurants and bars in an adjacent Hyatt hotel was packed beforehand, with people eating, drinking, and laughing.

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