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Democracy in Crisis Episode 3: Immigration Crackdown Special--Aura Bogado & City of Immigrants
High court strips Club Harem’s defense

Baltimore bar owners are strictly liable for all the illegal behavior of anyone they employ, whether they knew about it ahead of time or not. 

So ruled the Maryland Court of Appeals on Feb. 17, overruling lower courts in a 2014 case from The Block’s Club Harem. 

Back then, an undercover vice cop paid a visit.

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Anonymous Sources, Pharmacy Pills, and Gang Wars: Inconsistencies raise questions about "Pill City," a Baltimore tale of drugs and murder

As fires raged all over the city on April 27, 2015, two smart Baltimore teens engineered a $100 million drug heist that catapulted them to the top of the city’s gang hierarchy—and led to hundreds of deaths in Baltimore and around the country.

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A Day Without Immigrants rally in Patterson Park is a family affair

As hundreds of marchers circled Patterson Park this afternoon, almost everyone's hands were in the air. If you weren't waving a flag from Latin America or holding an anti-Trump or pro-immigration sign, you were holding your phone high, broadcasting the "A Day Without Immigrants" march to the world.

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Plank takes out pro-immigrant ad; UA pitches in for student bus passes

Still smarting from the backlash over his comments in support of President Trump, Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank took out a full-page ad in The Sun to write an open letter to Baltimore in support of immigrants and against Trump's travel ban.

"We are publicly opposing the travel ban," Plank wrote.

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