NIN's "Closer" featuring The Muppets

NIN's "Closer" featuring The Muppets (Disney / August 13, 2014)

You may have noticed the recent Muppet/Beastie Boys mashup of 'So What'cha Want' making the rounds on the internet. 

While we agree it's great, we'd like to point out that five long years ago local filmmaker Zach Morehouse took the Muppets—keep in mind this was before the movie reboot—and mashed them up with Nine Inch Nail's 'Closer,' with impressive and awesome results. Unlike the new mashup, Morehouse's piece retains the whole song. 

Some other things to look out for: 

-A stripping Alice Cooper
-A cursing Rolf The Dog
-Bestiality jokes
-Dudley Moore
-A rapey monster