Sondheim finalists announced

Work by finalist Kyle Tata.

This morning the Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts announced the seven finalists for the Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize. After criticism that last year's judges seemed to favor Washington, D.C.-based artists and strived too hard for social relevance—with four of the six finalists working in documentary photography or film–this year's group of finalists are almost all Baltimoreans, and only one finalist works in photography. Some, such as Stewart Watson, who runs Area 405, and Neil Feather, who has long been associated with High Zero, are integral parts of the local art scene. All seven finalists will be featured in an exhibition at the Walters from June 21 to Aug. 17, 2014, and one of the finalists will win a $25,000 fellowship. The finalists are Lauren Adams, Kyle Bauer, Shannon Collis, Marley Dawson, Neil Feather, Kyle Tata, and Stewart Watson. They were chosen by three jurors, curator Claire Gilman, artist and curator Olivia Shao, and artist Sarah Oppenheimer (whose installation piece "W-120301" is in the Contemporary Wing of the BMA).

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