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I Choose You: Streaming site Brown Sugar celebrates and broadens the "blaxploitation" genre

In a feat of narrowcasting seemingly too good to be true, streaming service Brown Sugar gives viewers access to a collection of 100 or so mostly black action movies, mostly from the '70s for $3.99 a month, and makes a case for the multitudes contained in the deeply flawed, catch-all term, "blaxploitation" along the way.

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HEY GRIFF!: Baltimore club icon steps away from 92Q's 9 O'Clock mix

Roll down the car window at any red light in Baltimore around 9 o’clock on a Friday night and you’re almost guaranteed to hear KW Griff’s 92Q radio club mix bumpin’ from the car next to you.  Since about 1996, Griff – the acclaimed Unruly Records producer and 92Q DJ – has spun a spry soundtrack of Baltimore club music every Friday night.  Griff’s long-running radio show has proven to be a driving

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Everything in “The Lego Batman Movie” is awesome

The unexpected side effect of the cold war between Marvel Studios and DC Comics-affiliated Warner Brothers is that big-budget superhero movies can finally afford to be weirder. After a certain point, what kind of new Batman story can you tell that a hungry audience wants to see?

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Listen to Drew Scott's 'Porcelain' featuring Hemlock Ernst, Eze Jackson, and 83 Cutlass
Mayor’s Safe Art Space Task Force addresses distrust and offers new resources at public forum

After multiple meetings that were open to the public—though, as some complained on social media, not publicized with enough notice and visibility—the Mayor's Safe Art Space Task Force hosted a public forum in the War Memorial on Thursday to hear out artists, organizers, programmers, and patrons of the arts.

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Listen to Abdu Ali and Dan Deacon's 'Liberate Yaself'