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Metro Gallery extends hours to bolster bar presence

Station North music venue and art space Metro Gallery is extending its hours to up its presence as a watering hole.

Metro will stay open after shows Thursday through Sunday for late-night happy hour, and when they don't have shows on those days, they'll open at 8 p.m. to serve drinks.

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Benefit show planned for saxophonist whose carjacking story went viral

A benefit concert is planned for Sarah Hughes, a local saxophonist who was assaulted during a carjacking and lost her Selmer Mark VI, wallet with money from a gig, phone, and Hyundai.

In a July 24 Facebook post, Hughes wrote that she was heading to a jam session on N. Calvert and E. 23rd streets when she was attacked.

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Tough guys, cute cats, and dark hippies in "The Long Goodbye"

By the time Robert Altman has dumped '50s leftover Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) into the '70s, the utopian dreams of the '60s are on the last legs of their own long goodbye. Hippie communalism has given way to new age self-help. The discourse of civil rights is being co-opted by institutions not particularly concerned with those rights.

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Antonio McAfee explores representation, blackness, and history through altered portraits from 1900's 'Exhibition of the American Negro'

'Young African American woman, three-quarter length portrait, standing facing slightly right, with left hand on back of chair' is an image of a small girl wearing a ruffled white dress. It's a glossy photo, and layered on top of it are red and blue silhouettes of her in a different pose. It's as if she is at once alive and merely a memory, a ghostly presence transitioning between states.

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Counting down the days with Jason Isbell and the Mountain Goats at Merriweather

A certain sort of depressive dismisses whole years as bad ones, rough ones, ones you barely escaped intact, or alive at all, even.

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The Mountain Goats' Jon Wurster talks not being goth and playing on an album about goths that doesn't really sound goth

With birds tweeting in the background, the distinctive voice of drummer for the Mountain Goats Jon Wurster chirps through the other end of the phone line.

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