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Witch Country: Burkittsville and the Long Shadow of 'The Blair Witch Project'

As we crept through the woods behind the deactivated Granite Nike Missile Base in Baltimore County, Joe and I stopped for a noise—a rifle firing in the distance.

For the first time on our two-day journey, I felt a pang of real, instinctive panic in my gut. Something bad could happen to us here.

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Local artist Joyce J. Scott receives MacArthur 'Genius' Grant

Joyce J. Scott, the longtime Baltimore glass and beadwork artist whom City Paper recently named "Best Artist," is one of 22 recipients of a MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Grant, one of the most prestigous awards in the country.

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The Charles' fall revival lineup includes 'The Battle Of Algiers,' 'Some Like It Hot,' and sweaty German sci-fi hot mess 'Kamikaze 89,' more

In our Best Of Baltimore issue from last week, City Paper praised the repertory cinema happening at the Charles and the Senator (see: our "Best Development" award) and now, the Charles just announced its revivals lineup for the fall season, totally proving why they got that award: "Sudden Fear," "Danny Says," "Don't Blink," "The Fallen Idol," "Hieronymus Bosch: Touched By The Devil," "Belladonna Of

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'Blair Witch' is a fresh spin on the old familiar

In "Blair Witch," Adam Wingard's sequel to "The Blair Witch Project," everyone's a cameraman. Literally: most characters are outfitted with cameras as mounted earpieces, allowing their perspective in a given scene to become our perspective.

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Back Into The Woods: An interview with 'Blair Witch' screenwriter Simon Barrett

Screenwriter Simon Barrett, with directing partner Adam Wingard, made his name on two of the best thrillers of the last decade: 2011's "You're Next," a wry and stylish deconstruction of the home invasion horror genre and 2014’s "The Guest," which pitted an unassuming small town against a Terminator-esque horror played by Dan Stevens (Matthew from "Downton Abbey") as David, a wolf-like killing machine

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A playlist from Best Of Baltimore winner for 'Best Music Nerd' Brandon Scott