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Maryland Film Festival's lineup announced, includes a pick from Beach House, plenty of social justice, and more

The Maryland Film Festival's full lineup and schedule are now live—you can check out the film summaries here, a schedule here, or download it all as a PDF here.

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Finalists for 2017 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize announced

A panel of three jurors selected the seven Baltimore-based finalists for this year's Sondheim Artscape Prize.

Mequitta Ahuja, Mary Anne Arntzen, Cindy Cheng, Sara Dittrich, Benjamin Kelley, Kyle Tata, and Amy Yee are in the running for the $25,000 prize. Ahuja, Kelley, and Tata were finalists in previous years.

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Know The Difference Between Jazz Artists: Dr. Lonnie Smith who plays Creative Alliance tonight and Lonnie Liston Smith who does not play the Creative Alliance tonight

The world of jazz can be daunting, with its complex polyrhythms, dissonant chord changes, and Biblical history of legendary collaborations between and among legendary musicians, at legendary venues and festivals, begetting various legendary sessions and subgenres which, as a bonafide jazz fan, you’re expected to remember at all times like your own birthday and home address.

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Scavenger’s Delight: DJ Booman and DJ Kool Breez are record-scouring duo Dust Addicts

"My gold mine is flea markets," Kool Breez tells me. "I love flea markets, man. As long as we have gas money, and money to get there, we are good. I don't even need a lot of money. We have been dealing with some of the same dealers for 20 years. And you can give these dealers a wish list, and they will come back in a month or two, and they will pretty much fill your list."

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Record Store Day is tomorrow, and just after that archival label Numero Group brings its pop-up tour to Baltimore

Record Store Day is tomorrow, and with it comes some cool limited releases—and some head-scratching ones, like a picture disk for the very common Yes album "90125" or a record of bluegrass Nirvana covers—as well as long lines. Locally, Baltimore County-bred acts All Time Low and Animal Collective have 'sclusie releases coming out, so look for those.

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Revisit James Nasty's Roldatshitlightdatshit Mix from City Paper's 2014 Weed Issue