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Ryan Harvey releases Baltimore-centric video for 'Old Man Trump,' co-starring Tom Morello and Ani DiFranco
Baltimore rapper Son of Nun confronts Rep. Steve King over 'subgroup' comments

Local rapper Son of Nun is out in Cleveland for the RNC, performing with Prophets of Rage and Baltimore riot folk artist Ryan Harvey. Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello and Harvey started the label, Firebrand Records, on which Son of Nun is signed, so it's like one big Trump-protesting family.

As luck would have it, Son of Nun tweeted that he ran into Rep.

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Live Review: Energetic Hershey show proves Paul McCartney isn't resting on his laurels

Rock writers (including yours truly) have spent thousands of words building the myth of Bruce Springsteen's endless energy and apparent defiance of the laws of time during his live shows.

Well, how about giving a similar nod to Sir Paul McCartney?

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FKA Twigs is holding a dance workshop in Baltimore tonight

As Vice's music site Noisey tweeted yesterday, "FKA Twigs is definitely not of this world." Her genre-bending music and seemingly elastic dancing skills maker Twigs seem like a gift to Earth from another dimension.

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Friends Records eyes expansion with distribution deal, launches new website

Local music stalwart Friends Records today announced a distribution deal that will take Baltimore music around the world and a slew of releases due out this summer and fall. Additionally, the label revamped its website, putting all of Friends' output into one place.

The deal with Sony/RED will bring Friends artists all across the U.S. and into the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Watch the video for The Holy Circle's 'Early Morning'