Turp's Sports Bar and Restaurant undergoing renovations

Mount Vernon sports fans (yes, we exist) can breathe a sigh of relief, Turp's is not closing. With the bar and restaurant shuttered the past couple of weeks for renovations, customers were left to wonder if that meant the end—kinda like The Chesapeake's "renovations." But we talked to Phil Quick, Vice President of Jay's Restaurant Group (owners of Jay's, XS, and Turp's), who confirmed they're simply making some upgrades to the space.

One of the few sports bars in the neighborhood, Turp's has become the place to go for locals looking to watch the O's with fellow fans or UB and MICA students seeking out good food specials (half-price pizza night is a steal), but the bar hasn't had any major changes since it opened back in 2009 and needed some work. Quick tells us they're currently putting the finishing touches on a new floor— made to look like a football field (obviously) —and are adding eight personal TVs to the booths along the south wall. They're also installing more fridge space behind the bar to up the number of beers available, ­ always a good thing.

Quick says that although they hated to close during the World Cup, Turp's will be back up and running by next Wednesday, just in time for Artscape.