Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey (March 1, 2013)

When I moved away from Pittsburgh last year, one of the things I was saddest about leaving behind was Wigle Whiskey. The Pittsburgh-based craft distillery—named for Phillip Wigle, one of the instigators of the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794—is the only whiskey distillery in western Pennsylvania and, man, does it know how to make some delicious liquor. It specializes in organic wheat and rye whiskeys, including white whiskeys (its organic white rye whiskey won a bronze award in the 2012 Washington Cup National Spirits Competition). In addition to whiskeys, Wigle makes botanical-infused bitters, "rum" made from Pennsylvania buckwheat honey, and my personal favorite, Ginever, a extraordinarily flavorful Dutch-style gin made from a mix of grains and botanicals.

Luckily for me (but maybe not luckily for my liver), Wigle announced today on Twitter that it's coming to Maryland: "Just received our permit from the great state of MD to distribute there! Here we come Baltimore!" The distillery says it's hoping to have its products on Maryland store shelves in September. Wigle has two store meetings planned in August, including one at the Wine Source in Hampden, and writes, "we're hoping to do a couple big release events in B-more with food & cocktails." I can't wait.