Sagamore Spirit set to open Port Covington distillery in April

Sagamore Spirit, Kevin Plank's Maryland-style rye whiskey, is set to open a distillery in Port Covington on April 21, the company announced earlier today.

Like many craft whiskeys, Sagamore is currently distilled in Indiana and then sent to Baltimore where it is cut to proof with spring water from Sagamore Farm, Plank's county horse farm, and bottled and labeled.

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Local restaurants close in support of A Day Without Immigrants protest

Several restaurants, including those in the Foreman Wolf chain of high-end restaurants, will close today in support of the A Day Without Immigrants protest happening nationwide.

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Mi & Yu Noodle Bar announces Hampden location

Mi & Yu Noodle Bar, the popular ramen spot with locations in Federal Hill and Mount Vernon Marketplace, announced on Facebook it will be opening a third location at The Rotunda in Hampden.

A lease is signed at the 40th Street building, and Mi & Yu expects to be open in October, the post says.

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Fast Foodie: Taco Bell's fried chicken taco shell is a winner

Confession: I never had KFC's Double Down. Before eating fast food became a journalistic concern, the Colonel's double-stacked chicken fillets with cheese, bacon, and secret sauce sandwiched in the middle seemed like a bridge too far, even for me.

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Top Ten New Restaurants of 2016

1. Gunther & Co. (3650 Toone St., [443] 869-6874, eatatgunther.com)

When I walked through the doors of Gunther & Co., the first large-scale restaurant that has opened in Canton in a while, I was taken aback with how owners Nancy Hart and Jerry Trice (who’s also the chef) reimagined the former Gunther Brewing Company’s boiler room.

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Top Ten Baltimore Dishes of 2016

1. Fettuccini with lemon and pistachios at Hersh’s (1843 Light St., [443] 438-4948, hershs.com)

There are many factors that may be keeping you from discovering Hersh’s pasta section. Maybe it’s the fact that the comfortable neighborhood joint is hidden away on the southside, requiring a drive past Federal Hill’s drunken bar scene.

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