A Very CP Thanksgiving: Chocolate cherry Gruyere galette

If your Thanksgiving dinner involves too many children hoovering up all the desserts, try this grown-up alternative to cherry pie. Instead of sickly saccharine cherry goop from a can, this galette uses frozen sweet cherries with no (or, if you’d like, just a touch of) added sugar.

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Hangover Helper: A DIY breakfast sandwich at Lexington Market

Lexington Market has numerous all-day breakfast options and a million and a half choices for lunch on a Saturday. But there's nothing that could properly be considered brunch. . .unless you do it yourself.

Last month, I decided to take foods from all my favorite places from the market and mix them together.

So you start with a large coffee from Konstant's ($1.60).

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A Very CP Thanksgiving: No-bread brown rice and oyster stuffing

Odds are that around any sizable holiday table, there will be at least one member of the gathering abstaining from gluten or, at best, making only a single allowance for "white" carbs (and odds are that allowance will be cashed in for mashed potatoes or dessert). The easiest way to satisfy all, without throwing off the mood of the feast: brown rice.

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A Very CP Thanksgiving: Local sauerkraut and apples

Long before the recent fermentation revolution, sauerkraut had been an important Thanksgiving tradition for generations of Baltimoreans. Eastern European families, upon arriving stateside, injected an Old World influence into this otherwise wholly American holiday. For those of us with cabbage-imbued bloodlines, sauerkraut and apples remain a sentimental favorite come holiday time.

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A Very CP Thanksgiving: No harm no fowl vegetarian gravy

When it comes to Thanksgiving, no matter where I go, I always bring meat-free gravy. Thanksgiving for vegetarians usually means stuffing yourself on all the sides. I actually don't mind that—Thanksgiving sides are dope. But let's be real: Mashed potatoes without gravy are a travesty. And nobody on the face of the planet has ever said, "Oh, I just realized my gravy recipe is accidentally vegetarian!"

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A Very CP Thanksgiving: Whole kabocha squash bisque with pear and cardamom

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants are good for plants and their tissues, just as they are for humans. Within fruits, nutrients in the skin defend against environmental insults, help to maintain the flesh within, and attract those consumers which distribute seeds.

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