Hangover Helper: On the delicious 'grown-up brunch' at Gertude's

Torrential rains thwarted our Saturday evening plans, so come Sunday we felt bright-eyed and ready for a spit-polished brunch. Bounding out of bed, we scrubbed behind the ears, ironed a shirt, and headed for perhaps the most civilized brunch in Baltimore.

Inside the Baltimore Museum of Art, we took our seats in the city's eatery on the hill, Gertrude's (10 Art Museum Drive, [410] 889-3399, gertrudesbaltimore.com),...

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Oliver Brewing Co. opens new Claremont-Freedom facility

Steve Jones can finally stand up straight. Oliver Brewing Co.'s head brewer this week started transitioning from the low-ceiled basement brewery at Pratt Street Ale House to a 12,000-square-foot Claremont-Freedom production brewery, situated in an old ice factory.

The new digs will enable Oliver to not only supply beer to its three bustling restaurants—Pratt Street Ale House, the Ale House Columbia,...

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Snackcrafting: Add a bit of kick to your ice cream with garam masala

It's hot outside. And I'm tryna figure out how to stay cool aside from spending my entire summer lounging on my sofa with the A/C blasting.

In hot climates, people tend to eat hot foods. Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa—they're no strangers to chili peppers in their delicious cuisines. And it makes sense. Eating chili peppers or drinking a hot tea or anything else that makes you sweat,...

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Hangover Helper: Weekends often bring long lines to Miss Shirley's, but it's worth the wait

With the promise of a day off work on Friday, we couldn't help but start the weekend early with some Thursday night bar-hopping. Knowing that even our late-night sushi wasn't going to ward off the full effects of the fermented grape juice coursing through our veins, we smartly made brunch plans for Friday.

While most spots in Baltimore reserve brunch for Saturdays and Sundays, Miss Shirley's is one...

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Eating Cheese With a Fork: England's Red Dragon is a tangy, boozy, spicy cheddar

If you think that British cuisine is just cold, insipid bleh served with tea, think again. Well, you're mostly right, but it has much to offer in the way of cheese. In fact, when we realized that this blog had yet to feature a U.K.-sourced cheese, we ran over to Eddie's of Charles Village, whose mountain of wide-ranging wedges and wheels we can always rely on to satisfy our emotional and snacking...

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Flying Dog partners with local restaurants again for second Dead Rise cookbook

OK, we might not have been fans of Flying Dog's Old Bay-flavored Dead Rise Summer Ale when it premiered last summer. But everybody went crazy for it anyway, and proceeds benefit True Blue, an inititative to label and promote locally sourced crab meat, so it's hard to begrudge the fact that it's back again this summer.

Last summer, Flying Dog released "The Dead Rise Old Bay Cookbook" to go along with...

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