Eating Cheese With a Fork: Two delicious, smoky cheeses found at Milk and Honey

It's camping season, a time some look forward to all year long. Not us, so much; our favorite things—showers, soap, City Paper, not bugs, and cheese shops—are hard to find in the great outdoors. But we can still think fondly on the celestial expanse above our tent and the smell of bonfires and damp earth from the otherwise-intolerable Girl Scout camp-outs of our youth. Whether you're an indoor human...

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The Vegetarian Option: Clavel has limited options, but they are delicious

We've heard nothing but good things from critics and friends alike about Lane Harlan's new taqueria and mezcal bar, Clavel (225 W. 23rd St., [301] 848-2849). With its menu not yet available online, we had to go in blind and hope there would be something vegetarian—a taqueria has to be able to make some amalgam of beans and cheese, right?

On a recent Friday night, we joined a growing crowd to get drinks...

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Snackcrafting: Maryland flag pickled cherry tomatoes

A lot of pickled tomato recipes call for green tomatoes, because pickling is a great way to preserve the last of your tomatoes that you know won't ripen before the plant is killed by frost. They're also tougher than their ripened sisters, so they stand up a little bit better to heat processing.

I decided to buck convention on this one. Not for any culinary higher purpose—I wanted to use cherry tomatoes...

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Pit beef for everyone: Chaps to franchise

Chaps, the Pulaski Highway purveyor of pit beef (and tons more) will be franchising, according to owner Bob Creager. Creager said he has signed an agreement with Mickleton, NJ-based MBB Management to take Chaps beyond the Beltway.

A former steelworker, Creager opened the original Chaps in the parking lot of an adult nightclub in 1987. The original stand has been expanded multiple times, and Chaps...

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Hangover Helper: Family Meal offers its usual, plus sophisticated takes on brunch staples

When we recently popped in to Bryan Voltaggio's Family Meal for a Sunday afternoon brunch, we were happily surprised to find it not teeming with tourists, but pleasantly busy with what appeared to be a mix of locals and visitors—with enough seats still open for us to choose from.

We opted for seats at the bar—the centerpiece of the restaurant. We were initially tempted by the Dark and Stormy boozy...

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Sci-fi and comic-themed BAMF Cafe to open in old Canteen space

The space that formerly housed Canteen in Station North will soon have a new resident, BAMF Cafe. Rather than it being a profane compliment—badass motherfucker—a closer look at the front window reveals the acronym's meaning in smaller print below: Books, Action Figures, Movies, Friends. The current window display lives up to that acronym, with Freddie and Jason battling it out under an Imperial Walker...

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