Hangover Helper: Great dishes and 1-cent mimosas at Cava Mezze make for a great brunch

When you're trying to nullify the consequences of a night out, a quality brunch is important. But when you're also celebrating a birthday, it's exponentially more crucial that the chosen brunch destination is on point.

Such was the case when 12 of us descended on Cava Mezze to celebrate a friend's birthday on a recent Sunday. When it comes to birthday meals, you don't fuck around.

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Hangover Helper: Corner Charcuterie Bar may not seem like a 'brunch spot,' but it's a good one

Sometimes, while on the search for that ever-elusive perfect brunch, certain restaurants fall through the cracks because you just don't think of them as a "brunch place."

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The Old Bay Filet-O-Fish is back!

Local McDonald's restaurants are bringing back the Old Bay Filet-O-Fish, the locally inspired take on the fast food chain's fish sandwich that includes tartar sauce with the Baltimore region's seasoning of choice.

Expect to find it in restaurants starting Feb. 2.

Area McDonald's sold more than a million sandwiches during the initial limited-time run last year.

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Donna's in Charles Village to close on Jan. 24 [UPDATED]

The Charles Village location of local coffee bar and restaurant Donna's will close on Jan 24, after nearly 18 years of operation.

Co-owner Alan Hirsch told City Paper in a phone interview that declining business and the cost of a much-needed renovation of the space contributed to the decision to close.

"We had a good run.

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Hangover Helper: Iron Rooster offers delicious comfort food worth the long waits

Iron Rooster (3721 Boston St., [410] 990-1600, ironroosterallday.com) is the newest addition to the suburb-style strip mall transplanted into the city called Canton Crossing.

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Area man briefly fills content vacuum with tale of mishandled pizza

Twitter places a limit on the number of characters a user can employ, but that doesn't stop people from stringing together successive tweets to tell longer stories. Sometimes, these tweets inexplicaly gain steam and become viral content-sharing experiences.

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