Getting stoned and exploring 'New Arrivals: Gifts of Art for a New Century' at the BMA

We at City Paper have this beautiful tradition where, for our annual Weed Issue, we visit an art museum beneath a thick purple haze. It’s a way to experience familiar art in a different light and create new connections between artworks, time periods, and disciplines. With over 200 pieces—some familiar to regular museum-goers, others new to the collection—the Baltimore Museum of Art’s exhibition “New Arrivals: Gifts of Art for a New Century” kind of does that for us, bridging curatorial barriers and pairing pieces we’d never think we’d see together. The show is not only more wide-ranging than pretty much any single museum show we’ve ever seen, but it’s massive. So we needed two people on this. And, you know, we still wanted to smoke up.

  • Balance and Body Highs

    Balance and Body Highs

    Like many large art exhibitions, “New Arrivals” is a serious but rewarding undertaking when stoned. In this state, the adjoined galleries feel labyrinthian, like a slightly downsized museum in its own right. The sober equivalent to exploring the show might be hiking uphill while simultaneously...

  • Tangential Logic and the Anxiety of Interpretation

    Tangential Logic and the Anxiety of Interpretation

    I decide not to check my coat at the museum. It seems risky and scary in my current state of mind, but, of course, I run into an acquaintance who works as a greeter and although our conversation seems like it’s going well, and feels relatively normal, in my head I’m thinking, oh god, am I smiling...