KISS My Assets . . . Goodbye

Scott Francis Gianforte, a 38-year-old man from Frederick, has a helluva collection of KISS memorabilia. A KISS bar stool, a whole lotta KISS dolls, a KISSOPOLY board game, KISS hats and belt buckles and even a KISS toothbrush, air freshener, and ashtray--and that's just for starters. In all, the value of Gianforte's collection of 95 KISS items recently was put at nearly $4,300. That's according to a pretty authoritative outfit known as the U.S. Government.

The feds put a value on Gianforte's KISS collection because Gianforte was convicted of drug dealing earlier this year. On Nov. 14, the government filed a civil forfeiture suit--read the pdf--to take legal possession of Gianforte's assets derived from the drug game--including his KISS collection and a bunch of Gianforte's rock-band, computer-gaming, and sound-and-video equipment. If the government wins, Gianforte's seized assets will be put up for auction.

Collectors interested in getting their hands on Gianforte's collection of KISS stuff--or simply those looking to outfit the best basement rec room ever--are advised to follow the case in federal court. It is titled "United States of America v. Assorted Personal Property (Gianforte)," U.S. District Court of Maryland civil case number 08-cv-03072-AMD, and assistant U.S. attorney Richard Charles Kay is handling the matter.

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