Ten Years Ago in City Paper: April 25, 2001

Film Fest Frenzy spotlights the Maryland Film Festival with an introduction and reviews of its lineup of features and shorts. Michael Corbin's feature charts the success of a program to help young drug offenders. In Mobtown Beat, Terrie Snyder provides a glimpse of the Baltimore police department's Comstat process to bolster crime-fighting. The Nose makes note of housing advocates sniping, cops doing their jobs, the Sowebohemian Festival's prospects, and a union strike averted. Brennen Jensen's Charmed Life tours Upton, a historic house with a rich past. The columns are: Suz Redfearn's Germ Bag, on planning her wedding; Joe MacLeod's Mr. Wrong, on broadcasting revenge; Mink Stole's Think Mink, on cloying fathers and tardy friends; Wiley Hall III's Urban Rhythms, on what's wrong with everything; Joab Jackson's Cyberpunk, on Pimpwar; and Tom Scocca's 8 Upper, on boxing champ Hasim Rahman. Scocca and MacLeod's proto-blog, Funny Paper, reads the comics so you don't have to. Imprints are: Mahinder Kingra on Jonathan Lethem's sci-fi novel This Shape We're In, Joyce Brown on Yehuda Amichai's poetry collection Open Closed Open, Justin Hampton on the Russ Kick-edited collection of essays You Are Being Lied To, and Heather Joslyn on Richard Russo's novel Empire Falls. In Art, Mike Giuliano checks out Brent Crothers' sculpture at Galerie Francoise and The Cone Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Bones is Carol Bindel's poem "Rooms of Time." In Stage: Mike Giuliano forgives Theatre Hopkins' production of She Loves Me and AXIS Theatre's production of Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), Brad Aaron interviews Spaulding Gray, and Jack Purdy gives the Spotlighters' production of Martin McDonagh's The Beauty Queen of Leenane its due. Feedback is Phil Andrews on AMM, Neil Feather, Andy Hayleck, and Catherine Pancake at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church and Barry Michael Cooper on Prince, Millenia, and The Fonky Baldheads at the Lyric Opera House. In Music, Barry Michael Cooper plugs into the high-wattage phenom that is P. Diddy and Tom Scocca remembers Joey Ramone. Film is: Heather Joslyn, unearthing The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas-Cheerleader-Murdering Mom and getting intimate with Startup.com; Adele Marley, tumbling in the weeds of Gas Food Lodging; and Lee Gardner, reveling in Coffin Joe: The Strange World of Jose Mojica Marins. In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin politely skewers Habib's Kabob and Side Street Café. (Editor's note: Please remember that this restaurant review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)

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