Cute cats, drunken rants, and great books

There was a while when everybody who launched a Kickstarter campaign thought it was big news that needed to go on the cover of the local alterantive weekly. And we are hoping that this post does not encourage you to return to that mind-frame, because really, begging your friends for money is generally about as newsworthy as collecting money for a beer run at a party: useful for those at the party, irrelevant to everyone else.But, we here at Baltimore's most literary alternative weekly, do think you ought to give money to Publishing Genius' Kickstarter campaign--in part so we will have more great books--like Stephanie Barber's Night Moves  or Megan McShea's A Mountain City of Toad Splendor--  to review. Publishing Genius ( 2009's "Best Publishing House")  wants to release five books in 2014, and is trying to raise 10 grand to make that possible ($2,000 per book ain't bad).They're halfway there and, you know, with Kickstarter, you don't get to keep the dough if you don't meet the goal. So that I will have good quality books to review, you should dig deep and contribute. And since it would be a conflict of interest f or me to contribute, but since I gain by getting good books, I will add an incentive to  Publishing Genius'  rewards to donors. According to the Kickstarter site, if you give $200 or more, you get to share a Mint Julep with Publishing Genius founder Adam Robinson at Woodberry Kitchen. If you give this amount, and drink an extra two Mint Juleps, the Arts and Culture Desk at City Paper will throw in an opportunity for you to leave me a drunken message about literature on my answering machine, which I will post in a blog post on on our website (all applicable restrictions apply--meaning if you say a bunch of dumb racist shit or something you will be VOIDED). It will be like having a column, except you won't even have to write it. You'll just have to get drunk and tell me some stuff and I will write it for youDig deep. More books are good for us all.

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