David Simon: "100 Percent—of Nothing"

Treme may be over for the season, but you can still get your regular bump of David Simon's articulate ire over on the Sun's web site.Sun television writer David Zurawik put up a post on his Z on TV blog earlier today about a press release from former governor Robert Ehrlich's reelection campaign that gave Ehrlich credit for fostering Baltimore-shot TV and film work, including Homicide: Life on the Streets, when he created a state  film-production tax credit in 2005. But he couldn't have encouraged the production of Homicide by offering tax breaks to the series since it shot here during the  '90s, well before Ehrlich was governor or signed any tax credits into law. (His successor, Gov. Martin O'Malley, allowed the tax credit to sunset due to budget concerns, effectively bringing film production in Maryland to a halt.)The comment thread got contentious, as internet comment threads do, and none other than former Sun reporter and Homicide scribe Simon waded into the fray. The usual internet trollery notwithstanding, the whole thing's turned into a pretty lively discussion about film production in Maryland, where it went, and what the O'Malley administration (and the state) gained by the end of the tax credit (see the headline of this post). Check it out.

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